Debut Release For Audyssey MultEQ Technology

Audyssey Laboratories, Inc, new technology for calibration and comprehensive correction of room and speaker acoustics, is now available in the Denon AVR-5805 receiver, the first licensee of MultEQ.

Debut Release For Audyssey MultEQ Technology

Start up spins out of USC with breakthrough sound technology

December 2nd. 2004

Audyssey Laboratories, Inc, new technology for calibration and comprehensive correction of room and speaker acoustics, is now available in the Denon AVR -5805 receiver, the first licensee of MultEQ.

"In a typical home theater, every listener location receives a different spectrum of sound based on where the loudspeakers are placed and how they interact with the room. The result is a less than optimal listening experience for everyone," said Tomlinson Holman who is one of Audyssey's co -founders.

Now for the first time, with MultEQ in the Denon AVR -5805, every listener hears the sound the way it was intended.

MultEQ operates by performing a one time procedure that plays a test signal from each loudspeaker. A calibrated microphone is placed in several seats successively to measure the frequency response variations throughout the room. MultEQ then combines these measurements in a unique way and creates a filter that optimizes the response at all locations simultaneously.

"Traditional methods to solving these problems have only focused on parametric equalization, which suffers from two main drawbacks: (i) it does not provide enough resolution to fix the frequency response variations even in one location and (ii) the filter implementations used cause problems in the time response that are perceived as audible artifacts," said Chris Kyriakakis, Audyssey's co -founder and CTO.

Audyssey MultEQ uses a unique filter implementation that corrects both time and frequency problems simultaneously and does so for multiple listening locations. Furthermore, the MultEQ algorithms provide much higher correction performance while still utilizing only a small portion of a digital signal processor (DSP) chip. In addition, unlike traditional methods, MultEQ uses dynamic frequency allocation to assign more computing power to lower frequencies where problems with room acoustics can be more severe.

Audyssey Laboratories is a spin -off from the USC Immersive Audio Laboratory that is directed by Kyriakakis and Holman. MultEQ arises from findings in audio signal processing, acoustics, and psychoacoustics and is based on the doctoral research of Sunil Bharitkar, an Audyssey co -founder.

For further information about Audyssey MultEQ please contact:
Chris Kyriakakis Michael Solomon
(213) 740 -8600 (415) 454 -1076

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