Bringing Home Home Automation: Superna Launches Affordable Home Automation at EHX

The Superna systems lets consumers make the most of their home networks by enabling them to hook up existing appliances, lighting systems and electronic equipment to the network.

The Electronic House EXPO is the scene of the latest innovation in home networking and home automation. Superna Ltd. announced today the launch of a revolutionary system, which enables homeowners to seamlessly automate appliances and home entertainment systems at a fraction of the cost (and hassle) of systems on the market today. The Superna systems lets consumers make the most of their home networks by enabling them to hook up existing appliances, lighting systems and electronic equipment to the network. It is a total solution comprising control boxes, touch panels and Linux -based software (either embedded in the hardware or stand -alone), which promises low cost, extensive interoperability with other standards based systems and appliances, easy installation and maintenance and complete scalability. Superna products are not only completely UPnPTM compliant, but also UPnPTM enable legacy appliances. Entry level installation cost can come to less than 30% of those of Superna's competitors. New appliances can be added to the system over time as they are purchased. The system supports more industry standards than existing home automation systems, including wireless connectivity and digital audio/video streaming. There is no need to either remodel or rewire the entire household to bring it online.

"We have designed products that will finally bring home automation home to the average homeowner", states Arik Vardi, Superna's founder and Chairman of the Board. "In our discussions with vendors, we found that out of 10 potential buyers who show real interest in home automation, nine are driven away by the high price. Superna solves this problem. At the same time, we've developed solutions for the headaches associated with existing home automation systems as well."

The Superna system offers vast benefits to dealers and end -users alike. The cost equation busts the home automation market wide open to growing numbers of middle and high -income consumers. Superna can be sold as a total hardware -software solution or can be unbundled into its core components and is ready to install in any home. Standards -based architecture, as well as easy and rapid installation requirements means minimal staff training and fewer instances requiring construction modifications. The system's extensive interoperability and scalability makes it an "easy sell". Consumers can improve their household without having to completely overhaul existing appliances and electronic products.

Superna is currently being displayed at the EHX Electronic House EXPO (Booth 454) being held in Long Beach, California November 16 -18.

About Superna Ltd.
Superna Ltd. develops, markets and manufactures standard software and hardware products that makes home automation more accessible and affordable to mass markets. It stands at the intersection of several high -growth industries, including home automation, home networking, broadband, digital media, consumer electronics, home theater and embedded devices. The Company's headquarters are located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. It has an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Superna was founded by Arik Vardi (Chairman), founder of ICQ, the world's first Instant Messaging service; Oded Vardi (COO) and former Founder of RUSure comparative shopping program; Tim Sixtus, founder of cha! Technologies, a micropayments solutions provider, and veteran software developer, Eran Gampel (CTO).

For further information, contact: Oded Vardi at, 917 -215 -0812

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