Yitran and its partners will demonstrate a PLC and wireless hybrid


Beer -Sheva, ISRAEL - November 2004 - Yitran Communications, Ltd. (previously known as ITRAN Communications Ltd), a leading provider of PLC (Power Line Communication) modem chips, has announced that it would demonstrate a PLC/Wireless hybrid network concept for C&C (Command and Control) applications, during the Net -atHome™ 2004 show (Nov -30 to Dec -4, Nice France). Home automation and other C&C applications require very reliable communication as well as simple network topology and installation. While wireless systems provide mobility and location flexibility (e.g. of sensors), they face indoor coverage limitations due to walls and movable obstacles (furniture, etc`). The PLC/wireless hybrid concept addresses these issues, offering enhanced coverage inside buildings while keeping mobility and flexibility, allowing single control point for combined systems (including legacy systems), offering optimized technical solution per application, simplification of network installation, and more.

"This hybrid demonstration takes the promising PLC and wireless combo approach for command and control one step further towards its deployment in the market place", said Avner Matmor, Yitran's CEO. "The concept allows interactions between appliances, temperature sensors, lights, security sensors and other typical household devices and enables control via the Internet and handheld devices. As a leading company focusing on command and control and together with our partners and the technologies they offer, it is only natural for us to play an important role in the effort to turn the Smart Home theme into reality".

Additional IT800 based PLC products for Home Automation and control developed by Yitran's partners and customers will also be demonstrated. Amongst them are a PLC module incorporating the IT800D IC and the Hitachi H8 microcontroller running a home automation protocol developed by Hitachi ULSI (Japan), two types of IT800 based PLC modules (internal and external) developed by Planet Systems (S. Korea) for PLC networked appliances and a USB to PLC bridge for SCP (Simple Control Protocol) network implementation, developed by Digital Stream (Japan) The products and demonstrations will be exhibited at the shared booth of Yitran and Renesas (RTE - Renesas Technology Europe) during the Net -atHome™ 2004 show.

About Net -atHome™ 2004
The 7th edition of the event annually hosted by Homega Research and targeting organizations and industry associations already active in the field of Home Netwroks and Gateways, Connected Appliances and Integrated Services, or interested in penetrating European or worldwide markets in this field. Net -atHome™2004 will be held in the very prestigious Palais de la Méditérranée in Nice, on the French Riviera (Nov -30 to Dec -4).
For further details: http://www.net -athome.org/

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