Immediate telephone warning in case of emergencies

In the case of unwanted entry the new Marmitek alarm system will call a list of pre-programmed phone numbers.

There are many different types of alarm systems. They all work along the same lines: as soon as unwanted visitors try to enter the house, an alarm will go off. In reality, nobody takes notice of these alarms. Marmitek has made the system more effective: in the case of unwanted entry the new Marmitek alarm system will call a list of pre -programmed phone numbers. The neighbours, family or, of course, the house owners' own mobile phone. This means the owner knows that action will be taken. Without any subscription fees!

The system has several striking characteristics. All sensors are connected to the console without any wires, which means that any house can be secured without having to drill through walls. The SWT (Secured Wireless Technology) makes false alarms and sabotage virtually impossible. All sensors are checked constantly and automatically. The LCD display shows instantly (in ten languages) what the status of the system is.

Two different wireless sets are available. The Marmitek SafeGuard and the Marmitek TotalGuard. The SafeGuard is a complete and effective way to secure any home. The TotalGuard has the same characteristics as the SafeGuard, but also has preventative functions. The intelligent console will switch the lights on and off when nobody's home, so that it looks as if there is someone in the house.

Both systems are equipped with a panic button. In an emergency the owner can trigger the (silent) alarm by pressing just one button on the remote control.

The Marmitek alarm system uses the worldwide accepted X -10 system, which opens up many possibilities. All electronic equipment can be controlled with just one remote control. Lamps can be dimmed remotely, to create the right atmosphere. By pressing just one button, you can switch off all the lights when going to bed. All the lights can be switched on just as easily in an emergency.

The recommended retail price for the Marmitek SafeGuard (4 parts) is 249. The Marmitek TotalGuard (7 parts) is 349. The system can be extended by adding extra sensors, such as a smoke detector or an extra siren.

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