DYMO Industrial Launches RhinoPRO 3000

In a Class By Itself, The RhinoPRO 3000 Gives Residential Security, Sound, Video and Networking Contractors a Powerful Tool for Professional Commercial-Grade Labeling for Under $100

November 12, 2004, Stamford, CT  From commercial applications to our homes, people today rely more heavily on their electronic systems than ever before. As such, the proper labeling and identification of the wires, cables, network components and equipment of the system has become an important requirement of the installation. For this reason, DYMO Industrial, a worldwide leader in portable label printers, recently introduced the RhinoPRO 3000.

The RhinoPRO 3000 is designed for residential cabling contractors, security system installers, Audio/Video experts, HVAC technicians and other professionals, to help them quickly and accurately label and identify the systems they install. Featuring exclusive one -touch Hot KeysTM for commonly used applications like wire wrapping and flagging; and over 150 pre -set locations and common audio, video and security components, the RhinoPRO 3000 is an extremely powerful tool that will help users save time, money and make their installations look more professional.

When we set out to develop an industrial labeling tool for the residential installer, we wanted to make sure that it had all of the features our customers need, said Doug Waldal, Director of the DYMO Industrial Business Unit. Our goal was to give users a tool that would allow them to quickly and economically generate labels that would make their jobs look more professional  enabling them to differentiate their work from their competition. It also had to be easy to use, inexpensive, rugged enough to withstand the punishment it can take in the field and produce labels that stay stuck under adverse conditions. We achieved all of this and much more in the RhinoPRO 3000.

Over the past few years Ive seen a dramatic shift in my business, said Corey Pederson, Owner of Pederson Electric, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Customers today are more aware and knowledgeable about the networking, sound and video systems that I am installing. They want to know what is connected where so that future changes or upgrades to the system are easier. The time that I invest in properly labeling the system upfront, pays huge dividends for my customers down the line. This makes them happier, makes my work look more professional, and helps boost my reputation in my line of work. Labeling has absolutely become integral to my business.

The RhinoPRO 3000 is the latest in DYMOs line of professional label makers designed for todays installation specialists. The RhinoPRO 3000 joins the RhinoPRO 5000, which is designed for commercial cabling and businesses. Both RhinoPRO labeling tools are ideal for any type of labeling job all around your home, job site or facility.

Users today are relying heavily on their electronic systems. Whether its a home network, a state -of -the -art entertainment system, a security network, or integrated subsystems that control lighting and HVAC systems, the fact remains that these systems have become critical in our lives, said Al Feaster, Business Development Manager for DYMO Industrial. Properly labeling these systems helps the installation look more professional, as well as prevents unwanted downtime when inevitable repair or upgrades are necessary.

The RhinoPRO 3000 retails for $99, and is available now through your local distributor. For more information please visit www.dymo.com/industrial.

About DYMO Industrial

DYMO Industrial is focused on producing high -quality, affordable labeling solutions for the Datacom market. DYMO is a division of Esselte, a billion dollar business products manufacturer. Information is available at www.dymo.com/industrial

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