EZRadio Transceiver Disrupts the Economics of Low-Power, Low Data Rate, Bi-Directional Wireless Connectivity for Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Toy, Home Automation and Building Security Markets

Mountain View, Calif., November 8, 2004 - Integration Associates, a fabless semiconductor company focusing on high performance analog solutions for wireless and wireline data communications, today unveiled its next generation EZRadio FSK (frequency shift keying) wireless chipsets, the IA4420 and IA4421 transceivers.

These new EZRadio transceivers enable advanced bi -directional communication for low cost, high performance wireless applications in the consumer electronics, automotive, toy, home automation and building security markets. The EZRadio transceivers are completely software programmable, providing unmatched flexibility to electronic designers. EZRadio is also the first to combine a unique Automatic Antenna Tuning technology (patent pending) in a highly integrated RF (radio frequency) chipset, which provides extremely reliable connectivity, while dramatically reducing the bill of materials and production costs. In addition, EZRadio includes features designed to extend battery life and enable the use of less expensive crystals and microcontrollers.

"With the EZRadio transceivers, interactive wireless applications that require two -way radio connectivity can be built into many mainstream products at a very competitive price" said Jean -Luc Nauleau, chief executive officer for Integration Associates. "This is a significant breakthrough in terms of technology and price/performance ratio."

EZRadio transceivers can wirelessly connect products such as home appliances, game consoles, remote controls, and smoke detectors, to name just a few.

The highly -integrated EZRadio transceiver chipsets enable electronic designers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to add two -way radio connectivity to their products with a technology that is reliable, power efficient, and inexpensive.

Key features of the EZRadio transceiver chipsets include:

Highly programmable: Choice of unlicensed band (315, 433, 868, 915MHz), low noise amplifier (LNA) gain, baseband bandwidth (67kHz - 400kHz), data rate, automatic frequency control, crystal load capacitance, output power level, FSK modulation deviation - reducing production and customization costs.

Automatic Antenna Tuning (patent pending): Eliminates the need for production line tuning costs and ensures optimal RF transmission throughout the product lifecycle. Automatic Antenna Tuning takes the guesswork out of the design process, eliminates the need for expensive RF engineering, and delivers an extremely robust wireless link.

Fully integrated on -chip RF features: Requires only two external components, a crystal and a low -cost microcontroller, reducing the bill of materials and simplifying the design -in process.

Automatic Frequency Control (AFC): The receiver is automatically tuned to the incoming signal, allowing the use of an inexpensive crystal without compromising the radio link.

Key radio management functions: EZRadio performs functions such as data recovery and timing without a microcontroller, allowing the choice of a less expensive microcontroller.

Clock source available: Does not require a second crystal if a microcontroller is used.

Fast and reliable frequency hopping: Counter interference and multipath fading enable over a hundred devices to be used in the same environment, without user issues.

High impedance loop antenna can be etched directly onto the circuit board:
Eliminates the need for more expensive external antenna designs.

Technical Specifications:
The EZRadio transceiver is available in two versions: a low power amplifier and a high power amplifier.

IA4420: Low power 4dB amplifier. Due its high sensitivity, the IA4220 has a limited range of 100+ meters outdoors typical, and 40+ meters indoors typical.

IA4421: High power 8dB amplifier for longer distance applications.

FCC and ETSI ISM bands: 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz.

Data rate: 256 kbps maximum bit rate.

Development and evaluation toolkits are available.

The EZRadio FSK wireless chipset family also includes the IA4220 low power transmitter, the IA4221 high power transmitter, and the IA4320 receiver.

The IA4420 and the IA4421 chipsets are available for shipping. Price starts at approximately $2 in quantity.

About Integration Associates:
Integration Associates is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Mountain View, California, with offices and design centers in Europe and North America. Integration Associates designs and delivers tested wafers and packaged ICs for wireless, wireline and power system management applications for a wide range of systems. For more information about Integration Associates and its products, visit

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