New D2Audio Mini Form Factor Accelerates the Adoption of Digital Audio

AUSTIN (Texas) - October 29, 2004 - - - D2Audio, the technology leader in intelligent digital amplification, today announced a new family of miniature digital amplifiers, the MXS series. With a footprint about the size of a business card, these two channel powerhouses can deliver up to 125 watts/channel into 8 ohm speakers or up to 250 watts/channel into 4 ohms speakers. These compact, high performance 2 channel amplifiers are cost effective, while featuring market leading performance in line with the rest of the D2Audio family with THD+N of <0.1% at full rated power from 20 Hz to 20 KHz and a Dynamic Range up to145dB. The MXS is perfect for applications where space is small, but the sound should be superior, like bi -amp powered speakers, wall plate audio controllers, plasma TVs and mini -stereos. The new mini -digital amplifier's 93% power efficiency minimizes thermal considerations and offers the customization and intelligence features expected of D2Audio products.

"Once again, D2Audio is demonstrating its commitment as a leader in creating digital amplifiers that feed the hottest trends in digital audio," said Will Strauss, president and principal analyst for Forward Concepts. "D2Audio's unique products are clearly contributing to the industry -wide adoption of digital audio."

"As a leader in home automation innovation, Control4 is seeing phenomenal demand for digital audio, especially in the in -wall audio distribution systems," said Jim Gist, vice president of marketing of Control4. "D2Audio is ahead of the curve with the MXS form factor and of course, no one can match their intelligent technology or high audio quality."

This miniature design is also optimized for bi -amp loudspeaker products and even subwoofers. It offers highly flexible, programmable crossovers on each channel for quick, simple yet very high quality designs; as well as unparalleled audio processing flexibility for customizing amplifier and speaker performance. Using the D2Audio design tool, Audio Canvas, designers can drag and drop to develop their own signature sound. Unlike most digital amplifiers, the MXS' sophisticated graceful protection allows the MXS to react to abnormal situations like a linear amplifier would with smooth brown -out recovery, soft -current limiting without shutdown, and automatic short circuit recovery. Additionally, the D2Audio controller IC with embedded DSP core and the non -volatile memory of the MXS enables simpler, more cost effective product designs.

The D2Audio Corporation, maker of the world's only custom intelligent digital amps, supplies a full line of powerful, multi -channel amplifier modules to the manufacturers of high quality audio equipment in the consumer, commercial, professional and automotive industries. Their patented intelligence technology and custom controller IC gives D2Audio's digital amps market leading performance and superior sound quality, along with a wide range of customization features. For more information on D2Audio and its products, visit

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