This marks the world`s first single-chip DVD recorder solutions to pass the certification requirements needed to gain DivX Home Theater Certification status.

DivXNetworks, Inc., the company that created the revolutionary, patent -pending DivX® video compression technology, today announced that the second -generation LSI Logic DiMeNsion(TM) DVD recorder system processors (DMN -8602 and DMN -8652) received DivX® certification. This marks the world's first single -chip DVD recorder solutions to pass the certification requirements needed to gain DivX Home Theater Certification status. DivX, with over 130 million users worldwide, is among the world's most popular video compression technologies and is one of the new features expected to help drive the high -growth DVD recorder market.

"We created the DivX Certification program as a guarantee of quality and compatibility for consumers around the world who demand and deserve the best when choosing consumer electronic products," explained Mark Lawson, Managing Director Europe, Middle East & Africa of DivXNetworks. "As the first DivX Home Theater -certified single -chip DVD recorder solutions, the LSI Logic DiMeNsion processors enable manufacturers to offer superior playback quality on the DVD recorder platform. We are pleased that the industry's leading DVD recorder processors are now DivX Certified solutions."

LSI Logic's line of DiMeNsion DVD recorder processors consists of the industry's first single -chip DVD recorder solutions. The DiMeNsion processors include innovative features such as LSI Logic's Direct Digital Dub(TM) technology that simplifies the transfer of personal digital content from a camcorder to DVD over FireWire, with one -touch control via a single remote. Additional advantages include LSI Logic's proprietary pre - and post -processing technologies, which provide advanced progressive scan output and impressive noise handling on analog inputs.

"LSI Logic is pleased to have the first DivX Certified single -chip DVD recorder solutions, further validating our leadership in this rapidly growing market," said James Fox, Director of DVD Product Marketing, LSI Logic's Consumer Products Division. "Adding DivX to our market -leading DiMeNsion family of DVD recorder processors now gives consumers the flexibility to share personal content with different devices in the digital home."

DivX video technology includes a complete Digital Rights Management (DRM) system, enabling new business models such as video -on -demand for content providers, consumer electronics companies and retailers. Only DivX Certified consumer electronics products have the capability to play rented and purchased DivX video content. The DivX Certified Partner Program was created to enable the development of official DivX -enabled consumer electronics products to meet the global demand for high -quality DivX convergence devices. For more information on DivX certification process, visit

About LSI Logic Corporation
LSI Logic Corporation focuses on the design and production of high -performance semiconductors for Consumer, Communications and Storage applications that access, interconnect and store data, voice and video. LSI Logic engineers incorporate reusable, industry -standard intellectual property building blocks that serve as the heart of leading -edge systems.

About DivXNetworks
DivXNetworks is a consumer -focused video technology company positioned at the centre of multimedia convergence. The company's core offering is the DivX ® video codec, among the world's most popular video compression technologies with over 130 million users worldwide. Often called "the MP3 of video," the patent -pending DivX video technology offers DVD -quality at 10 times greater compression than MPEG -2 files, enabling full length films to easily fit on a CD or be delivered over broadband connections. DivX video technology powers a range of applications that span the convergence value chain, from a secure IP -based video -on -demand solution to next -generation consumer electronics products and video software applications. DivXNetworks is headquartered in San Diego, California, with satellite offices in Los Angeles and San Jose, CA, Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Japan, Guildford, England and Dortmund, Germany.

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