New Home Theater PC that will transform your home entertainment

Computer has revolutionized the office in the past. At the Home Theater Show 2004, from 11/4-11/7, 2004 in SF. nMedia System will introduce a new Home Theater PC product line that will transform your home entertainment.

Castro Valley, CA, October 08, 2004. Computer has revolutionized the office in the past. At the Home Theater Show 2004 (EHX2004), from 11/4 -11/7, 2004 at the San Francisoc San Francis Hotel, California. nMedia System, Inc. will introduce the innovative Home Theater PC system and components that will transform your home entertainment. The all -in -one, sleek and stackable AV looking system comes with all the features and functionalities you find in today¡¯s computer, as well as eliminate the need for separate AV components, such as your VCR, DVD/CD Player, CD Changer and TiVo in the home theater. The new system will be one of the most exciting new products to hit the home theater market.

¡°With the advent of broadband Internet, DVD burners, TiVo, MP3 players, and DV Camcorder and Digital Camera, the digital revolution transformed the way we relate to media and entertainment. Consumers have more control over what they watch and listen to than ever before - -creating a surging demand for efficient, innovative and convenient means to access media,¡± said Jack Chen, the Director of Sales and Marketing of nMedia System, Inc. ¡°Microsoft Media Center PC emerged in the marketplace 2 years ago, trying to give users greater access to audio and visual media through their PCs. However, the new concept did not convince the home theater buyers to accept the traditional PC as part of the home theater system. To win in the market, nMedia System has improved several bottlenecks in this nature, such as the PC fan noise, AV looking chassis design, remote control, 10 feet user interface application, ease of use and all -in -one package, which will give the PC a real consumer electronic feel. As more consumers are buying the flat screen high definition displays, such as Plasma TV, LCD TV, HDTV and Home Theater projectors, we see the demand for the Home Theater PC sales skyrocket.¡±
nMedia System¡¯s flagship product, Home Theater PC Suite: The Turnkey Home Media Gateway Toolkit for home theater buyers, is a complete home entertainment solution that gives users 7 functions in 1. To build or upgrade your future home theater system, the consumers will only need a high definition visual display unit, a 5.1 surround sound system, high speed Internet and TV signal.
The main system features include :
o Watch, and burn DVD movies, download & rent the latest movies online
o Play, download, buy, record and manage your favorite digital music
o Watch, listen, pause, instant replay, rewind and record TV & Radio on demand
o Check out family snapshots, watch personal videos and share them with friends
o Play the cinematic 3D games with ultra realistic visuals
o Surf the Internet and check email with a big screen monitor, while lying on your couch
o Serve as the high performance PC/media server for your whole family

Northern California, Castro Valley -based nMedia System, Inc. was founded in 2004. The company`s vision is to create future home entertainment PC systems that are optimal for today`s consumer electronic gear such as Plasmas TV, LCD TV, HDTV and Home Theater Projectors. We integrate various home Audio/Video functions and performance computing into one easy -to -use unit, and deliver consumers the rich home entertainment experiences for a new level of control and convenience.

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