PCTEL Enhances Roaming Client's Security

New Client Software Part of 802.1x Deployment by T-Mobile HotSpot

Chicago, IL - October 13, 2004 - PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCTI), a global leader in simplifying mobility, announced today that the private -label version of its Roaming Client, which the Company licenses to T -Mobile USA, Inc. under the brand name "T -Mobile Connection Manager," now supports 802.1x WPA security. The new version 1.5 of the T -Mobile Connection Manager software enables users to benefit from enhanced security as a result of T -Mobile's recently announced deployment of 802.1x at more than 4,700 HotSpot locations across the U.S.

The new version of PCTEL's Roaming Client overcomes the most significant barrier to corporate adoption of wireless data services, that being the need for increased security in a user -friendly fashion. When used to access within the nationwide T -Mobile HotSpot network, users can be confident that they have a more secure wireless connection between their laptop or PDA and the wireless network. The user is first authenticated and authorized via Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP -TTLS), which is part of 802.1x WPA. After successful authentication and authorization, the client uses the standards -based 802.1x WPA method to encrypt the "over the air" communications between a laptop and/or PDA and the network's wireless access point. In addition to the modules that support the enhanced security capabilities, which PCTEL developed in -house, the client software is compatible with the broadest selection of available 802.11 client cards that support 802.1x technology.

"We're pleased to have worked with PCTEL for our recent 802.1x deployment, " said Joe Sims, vice president and general manager of T -Mobile HotSpot. "Our customers now have the ability to access information using the T -Mobile HotSpot network in a more secure environment. For CIOs and their mobile workforces, this means employees can make the places they already go their virtual office away from the office."

"We are one of only a few companies in the world that develops their own 802.1x solutions internally. We are excited to assist T -Mobile in enhancing the security of their HotSpot locations, as they place more focus on servicing the enterprise Wi -Fi market, "stated Marty Singer, Chairman and CEO of PCTEL.

PCTEL (NASDAQ: PCTI), founded in March 1994, is a global leader in simplifying mobility. PCTEL's Mobility Solutions' software tools simplify installation, roaming, Internet access and billing. PCTEL's RF Solutions' portfolio of OEM receivers and receiver -based products measure and monitor cellular networks. PCTEL's MAXRAD Product Group designs, distributes, and supports innovative antenna solutions that facilitate and simplify wireless communications. PCTEL protects its leadership position with a portfolio of more than 130 analog and broadband communications and wireless patents, issued or pending, including key and essential patents for modem technology. The company's products are sold or licensed to PC manufacturers, PC card and board manufacturers, wireless carriers, wireless ISPs, distributors, wireless test and measurement companies, and system integrators.

PCTEL headquarters are located at 8725 West Higgins Road, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60631. Telephone: 773 -243 -3000. For more information, please visit our web site at: http://www.pctel.com.

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