Aura Announces LibertyLink Digital Audio System Development Kit

First of a New Family of Wireless Products for Providing Near Field Communication in Portable Audio Electronics

October 7, 2004 - Wilmington, MA - Aura® Communications Technology, Inc. - the leader in magnetic communication for wireless transmission of music, voice and data - today announced availability of its LibertyLink® System Development Kit for enabling development of wireless voice and audio products. LibertyLink audio technology provides wireless stereo headphone capability for MP3 players, portable DVD players, audio -capable mobile phones - virtually any portable product where digital audio performance must be coupled with long battery life and low cost. The capability for digital audio sound quality from near field magnetic communication technology was announced today by Vincent Palermo, chief technology officer of Aura, at the Short Range Wireless 2004 Conference in Denver during his presentation on Magnetic Induction Near Field Communications for Portable Audio.

The System Development Kit, based on Aura's LL888 system -on -chip transceiver, allows manufacturers to readily evaluate the wireless streaming audio capabilities of magnetic communication for use in their current and future product designs. The LibertyLink LL888 is currently scheduled for production quantity availability in the first quarter of 2005.

LibertyLink products use a patented form of near field magnetic communication rather than conventional radio frequency technology (such as Bluetooth®) to enable digital audio performance in wireless devices.

Unlike Bluetooth, which radiates in the unsecured and crowded frequency band at 2.4 GHz, LibertyLink technology is inherently private, secure and, by operating at 13 MHz, completely avoids the interference of the 2.4 GHz band.

"Early response to the System Development Kit from our customers has been truly overwhelming," said Kip Kokinakis, chief executive officer of Aura. "For the first time, consumer electronics companies are seeing a wireless technology that can deliver digital sound quality with the power consumption, reliability and cost needed in portable audio devices. We believe that the first products using our technology - expected to be announced at CES 2005 - will be a watershed event for consumers and OEMs alike."

Aura Communications has raised more than $31 million from investors such as Creative® (provider of the innovative Zen Touch and Nomad audio
players) and Motorola® (creator of the newly announced iTunes® enhanced music phone line) as well numerous private venture capital firms.

Products featuring Aura Communications' LibertyLink voice technology have been profiled in media as diverse as the Financial Times®, the New York Times®, US News & World Report®, EETimes®, Forbes®, ABC World News Now™, Popular Science®, and a host of other publications, television shows and radio outlets. These media stories have focused on the technology's disruptive nature, low power, and innovative capability for creating the next -generation of wireless products.

About Aura Communications
Aura Communications Technology, a fabless semiconductor company, has developed the next -generation of wireless connectivity specifically targeted for consumer electronics and mobile devices. Utilizing an enhanced form of near field magnetic communication rather than broadcast radio frequency technology, Aura enables the design of the lowest power and most affordable wireless products on the market today.
The result of nearly a decade of research and development, Aura's patented LibertyLink® technology creates a built -in privacy zone that envelopes and is uniquely owned by each user for secure, reliable communications. Aura technology unwires the next -generation of headsets, mobile communication devices, MP3 players and other soon to be announced products from the world's most respected brands.

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