New 17- and 20-Inch LCD TVs Offered at Industry-Leading Low Prices

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Oct. 6, 2004 - Westinghouse Digital Electronics, dedicated to making digital entertainment devices available to mainstream consumers, continues its aggressive pricing strategy with the introduction of two new LCD TVs at industry -leading low prices. The 17 -inch, model number LTV -17v1, and 20 -inch, model number LTV -20v2, join the current line of Westinghouse 20 -, 27 - and 30 -inch LCD TVs.

"Westinghouse is committed to bringing the 'LCD lifestyle' to mainstream consumers by offering superior digital entertainment technology at the best value. Our LCD TVs deliver brighter color, crisper images and greater contrast than conventional CRT TVs, and also offer a variety of entertainment experiences, including playing video games, surfing the Internet, viewing digital photos or watching DVD or VHS movies," said Douglas Woo, president of Westinghouse Digital.

"The estimated street prices of $499 for the 17 -inch and $599 for the 20 -inch, reflect a 50 percent price reduction from when we introduced them less than a year ago. Westinghouse brings factory savings to market faster than anyone else, and we will continue to lead the industry in driving down prices," Woo said.

Compact and lightweight enough to hang on the wall, fit on a desktop or in a bookcase, the Westinghouse 17 - and 20 -inch models extend the digital media experience beyond the living room and throughout the house. The products offer ideal solutions for bedrooms, kitchens, home offices and other rooms where performance, reliability and a small form factor are desired.

The high -resolution 17 -inch model can double as a computer monitor for doing school or office work in addition to delivering a variety of digital entertainment options.

Westinghouse LCD TVs transform entertainment. Families can watch broadcast, cable or satellite television, DVD or VHS movies or play video games anywhere in the home with both models, as well as surf the Internet, view digital photos, or read email with the 17 -inch model.

The new models are available at Best Buy, The Great Indoors, Handy TV, and Cowboy Maloney.

The LTV -17v1 offers a 160 -degree wide viewing angle, industry -leading 14ms response time, 350 nits of brightness, contrast ratio of 350:1 and workstation class 1280 x 1024 native resolution.

Featuring 450 nits of brightness and a 500:1 contrast ratio, the LTV -20v2 is HD -ready and offers a 160 -degree wide viewing angle, split screen mode, and native resolution of 640 x 480.

Westinghouse LCD TVs deliver the ultimate in digital video entertainment with high brightness and contrast, vivid colors and fast response time. With an expected lamp life of 40,000 hours and no degradation in video performance over the life of the product, Westinghouse LCD TVs offer families many years of high -quality digital entertainment.

About Westinghouse Digital
Westinghouse Digital Electronics is extending the 100 -year -old Westinghouse promise into the digital age by making it easier for mainstream consumers to experience the excitement of the latest in digital entertainment. Through superior technology and design, the company offers consumers products that are reliable, easy -to -use and deliver the best value in digital entertainment devices. Westinghouse Digital LCD TVs are available nationwide at more than 1100 consumer electronics retail stores and other resellers. For additional information, please visit www.westinghousedigital.com.

For more information on the entire family of Westinghouse consumer products, please visit www.westinghouse.com.

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