Create an Entirely New Look for Any Room in the House with Westinghouse Wall Mount Solutions

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Sept. 30, 2004 - Westinghouse Digital Electronics, dedicated to making digital entertainment devices available to mainstream consumers, today announced a full line of wall mount solutions for its 15 -, 17 -, 20 -, 27 - and 30 -inch LCD TVs, designed to expand viewing options and enhance the digital entertainment experience.

"As seen on the FOX TV show 'Renovate My Family,' Westinghouse wall mounts enable consumers to easily install our LCD TVs in any room in the house," said Douglas Woo, president of Westinghouse Digital. "Ultra -thin and lightweight, Westinghouse LCD TVs are ideal for replacing bulky CRT TVs in the living room and throughout the house to create an entirely new look and enhance the quality of home entertainment.

"Our wall mount solutions make TV installation easy for the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, family room, children's bedroom, or even the garage. With Westinghouse wall mounts, the TVs can be tilted, rotated, or pulled away from the wall for comfortable, full -screen viewing from anywhere in the room." Woo said.

Westinghouse wall mount options include a flat wall mount for the 30 - and 27 -inch models, which enables consumers to take full advantage of the slim profile of the Westinghouse LCD TV by mounting it directly on the wall. The tilt wall mount is available for all sizes, and fits the TV flush against the wall and has a 15 -degree forward tilt and a five -degree backward tilt, making television viewing more comfortable when the TV is mounted high on the wall above the fireplace or entertainment console.

The extendable mounting brackets from Westinghouse provide the ultimate in flexibility and motion for all models. The 27 - and 30 -inch LCD TV solution has a five -degree forward tilt and a 180 -degree left/right swivel, and can be extended almost 30 inches from the wall. The extendable solution for the 15 -, 17 -, and 20 -inch models has a 35 -degree forward and backward tilt, and can be extended almost 19 inches from the wall.

The swivel mount bracket for the 15 -, 17 - and 20 -inch LCD TVs can be extended about nine inches from the wall and has a 15 -degree forward tilt and a five -degree backward tilt, making it ideal for a small home office or child's room.

An under cabinet mount is also available for the 15 - and 17 -inch models, ideal for kitchens, garages, bedrooms and even bathrooms. The bracket flips the TV down for viewing and then conveniently tucks the TV under the cabinet for quick and easy storage.

The entire line of Westinghouse wall mounts is available online at www.westinghousedigital.com/products/wallmounts.

About Westinghouse Digital
Westinghouse Digital Electronics is extending the 100 -year -old Westinghouse promise into the digital age by making it easier for mainstream consumers to experience the excitement of the latest in digital entertainment. Through superior technology and design, the company offers consumers products that are reliable, easy -to -use and deliver the best value in digital entertainment devices. Westinghouse Digital LCD TVs are available nationwide at more than 1100 consumer electronics retail stores and other resellers. For additional information, please visit www.westinghousedigital.com.

For more information on the entire family of Westinghouse consumer products, please visit www.westinghouse.com.

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