Net -atHome™2004 : key announcements for a promised successful event!

Net-atHome™ will this year be hosted in Nice, French Riviera, from November 30 to December 2.

September 28, 2004, Sophia Antipolis, France - Homega Research is very pleased today to feature new Net -atHome™2004 partners. Net -atHome™ Events - yearly produced by Homega Research, a research company specializing in "Technologies and Services for the Home" - are the premier international conferences & exhibitions in Europe covering the Connected Home Markets. Net -atHome™ will this year be hosted in Nice, French Riviera, from November 30 to December 2.

Homega Research is very pleased to announce Mr George He, Senior VP & CTO of LENOVO (PR China) as a Net -atHome™2004 Keynote Speaker
Lenovo, formerly known as Legend Group, is the largest IT organization in China and one of the biggest computer maker in Pacific Asia. Lenovo is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of desktop computers, laptops, mobile handsets, servers, peripherals, etc. in China and Asia Pacific. Lenovo also provides IT integration and support services.

Net -atHome™2004 is also very pleased to announce 2 new Platinum Sponsors (1394TA & VIA Technlogies), 2 new Gold Sponsors (Spidcom & The OPERA Consortium), and 2 new event endorsers (IGRS & IBG).

"The 1394 Trade Association, Net -atHome™2004 Platinum Sponsor, is very pleased to demonstrate at this year event one of the latest and most advanced home entertainment networks", said James Snider, Executive Director at the 1394 TA. "Featuring the latest in HDTV, Digital VHS, computer, storage, and audio equipment from industry leaders worldwide, the home entertainment network demo will showcase how FireWire connects a wide range of digital devices over distances up to 100 meters at very high speeds using Cat 5 and Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). 1394TA member companies like Mitsubishi Rayon, Fraunhofer IPMS, Molex, Firecomms and Homefibre will show advanced network concepts and components", continues James Snider.

"At this year's Net -at -Home™ event VIA Technologies, Platinum Sponsor, will introduce the very latest home automation, networking and entertainment products based on industry leading VIA processor platforms. Additionally, VIA will demonstrate the latest tiny EPIA Mini -ITX and Nano -ITX mainboards with a focus on built in security, ultra low power consumption and hardware -based digital video and audio acceleration for a vast range of connected home applications", announced Tim Handley, CPU Platform Product Marketing Manager of VIA Technologies.

Join also the Net -atHome™2004 pre -conference workshop
Roger Torrenti, CEO of Homega Research, will make a 4 -hour review of the milestones of 2004 and in particular those of the last few months: technological and regulatory developments, market feedback, pilot projects, moves of key players, quantitative data relating to the various market segments, consumer demand, etc. The workshop will enable participants to make effective assessments of the current state and future prospects of the Connected Home markets in Europe and around the world.

Net -atHome™2004: a few figures

23 sponsors: The European Commission / DS2 / ITRAN Communications / RENESAS Technology / 1394 Trade Association / VIA Technologies / PLCforum / The European Application Home Alliance, TEAHA / The Application Home Initiative, TAHI / Homeportal / CasaNova / France Telecom / Gaz de France, GDF / Microsoft / Coronis Systems / Echelon Corp. / Legrand / Telemetry Associates Limited / eDevice / Agilent Technolgies / Spidcom / OPERA

24 supporting associations: 1394 TA / ADDI / BCDI / CABA / CEDOM / CENELEC / DECT Forum / DLNA (formerly DHWG) / ECHONET / EU IPv6 TF / HAVI / HomePlug Powerline Alliance / Internet Home Alliance / IPv6 Forum / Konnex Association / LonMark / OSGi Alliance / TAHI / The WiFi Technology Forum / UPnP(tm) / Wimedia / Zigbee(tm) / IGRS / IBG

34 high level speakers: The European Commission / Lenovo / Itran Communications / Bermai / ITRI / Prosyst Software / Texas Instruments / France Telecom / Homeportal & TAHI / The Konnex Association / Projects funded by the European Commission / Philips / Motorola / OSGi Alliance / IPv6 Forum / Siemens / Cisco Systems / ETSI NGN@HOME / Casadomo / Intel / DLNA (ex DHWG) / Renesas Technology / ISkraemeco / DS2 / Zigbee(tm) / HomePlug Powerline Alliance / Echelon Corp. / W3Home CasaNova / The ECHONET Consortium / Hitachi / PLCforum / Via Technologies / 1394TA / etc.

About Homega Research (www.homega
Homega Research is the Division of Sigma Consultants specialized in the field of Technologies and Services for the home. It has developed its activities from the expertise and experience Sigma has acquired in this domain since the company's creation in 1984. Homega Research is proud to have succeeded in building a long -standing reputation for quality, efficiency and professionalism for all its services: technology assessment, market research, and business events.

About Net -atHome™2004
Date : November 30 pm, pre -conference workshop
: December 1 & 2, conference & exhibition
Covered topics : The connected home markets
Venue : Palais de la Mediterranée - Nice, France
Audience : 300 attendees expected from over 20 different countries
Edition : Event now in its 7th year
Producers : Homega Research, www.homega
Contact : Tel: +33 (0) 493 001 550 - Fax: +33 (0) 493 001 560 - info@net

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