Concertino Redefines "Performance Space" for Luxury Homeowners

Introduction of Concertino DSP home performance technology


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Concertino Redefines "Performance Space" for Luxury Homeowners

Milford, Conn., September 30, 2004 - The old saw "How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice." suddenly has a new twist. Now a performer can experience the luxury of the incomparable Carnegie Hall acoustics in comfort -right at home.

It's all possible utilizing the revolutionary Concertino™ digital signal processing (DSP) system designed by Steve Haas of SH! Acoustics in Milford, Connecticut. Using Concertino, any performer can experience precisely what it would sound like to be center stage at Carnegie Hall. Or La Scala. Or Birdland.

After spending years as a consultant designing world -class performing arts centers, museum spaces, and high -end home theaters, Haas saw an opportunity that he felt uniquely qualified to pursue. The goal was to design and produce a technological solution that was capable of transforming a space -any space -into a dynamic, compelling venue that was perfect for home performances. A solution that overcomes the acoustical limitations found within a typical home environment to increase the effectiveness of both live and pre -recorded programs.

After closely examining the components necessary, and defining exactly what he wanted to produce, Concertino was born.

Literally "little concert," Concertino combines electronic enhancement technology with digital processing algorithms to alter the size and "liveness" of a space by precisely adjusting the timing and frequency characteristics of each sound reflection.

And it's virtually unnoticeable by performer and audience member alike.

"What we want to accomplish with Concertino is to provide the performer -either instrumental or vocal -with an atmosphere as acoustically friendly as a professional performance venue," Haas says. "With Concertino, we have exceeded even our own goals. What we have is truly 'beyond imagination.' We've been told that even our description of the sound Concertino produces didn't begin to equal the experience."

Working out of his Milford office or the Concertino studio in mid -town Manhattan, Haas is increasingly coming in contact with world -class performers who want to try Concertino out for themselves. And they've been blown away by the experience.

"It's an interesting mix," Haas points out, "because, on the one hand, we're introducing Concertino to extraordinary performers in a studio setting, and then fine -tuning a home application so that a client's son or daughter can have an optimal space to practice their instrument of choice. It's really the best of both worlds."

In both home spaces and in such a rarified space as the Steinway Product Selection Room in New York City, Concertino is being heard…and heard from as it turns imagination into reality.


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