Integra Previews Universal DVD Player

DPS-10.5 features customizable High Definition scaler, HDMI digital output, i.LINK for DVD-A/SACD digital output, and THX Ultra certification.

Upper Saddle River, NJ - Integra has begun shipping their DPS -10.5, a THX Ultra -certified universal player that delivers the ultimate performance potential from nearly every disc format currently in use, including high resolution DVD -Audio and SACD formats. Advanced features include a sophisticated internal high definition video scaler, and both DVI -compatible HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and i.LINK (IEEE 1394) outputs for direct digital output of high -resolution audio and video material.

"The DPS -10.5 is designed to do exactly what a high -end source unit is meant to," commented Custom Installation Product Manager, Eric Harper, "which is deliver the audio and video information to processing and display devices in the most transparent way possible."

The DPS -10.5 is the company's first player to include an HDMI output, which is capable of passing video directly to HDMI - and DVI -compatible high definition display devices entirely in the digital domain. This not only prevents degradation of the video signal due to intermediate digital to analog conversion stages, it also enables the use of the player's sophisticated O -Plus FlexScale circuit to upsample video to a variety of customizable formats, including 720p or 1080i high definition standards. This scaling circuitry can also be used to scale external sources via the player's rear panel composite and S -Video inputs.

For conventional and older high definition sets, the DPS -10.5 features a high end Analog Devices 216 MHz/14 -bit D/A converter, and includes both interlaced and progressive scan component video outputs.. There are also two composite video and two S -video outputs, and all video connections are always active, eliminating the need for extraneous setup menu configuration.

For audio reproduction, the DPS -10.5 features a pair of i.LINK ports on the rear panel for digital output of DVD -Audio and SACD signals at their highest possible resolution. This not only maintains optimal signal integrity, it also allows for the use of the receiver or processor's bass management circuitry. For DVD -Video, CD, CD -R/RW (including MP3 -encoded discs), there are two optical and two coaxial digital outputs, and a full set of 7.1 -channel analog outputs ensure maximum compatibility with existing home theater equipment. The player features audiophile -grade Wolfson 192kHz/24 -bit audio DACs and Integra's acclaimed VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) to deliver smooth and analog audio. It also includes Integra's enhanced Direct Digital Path to ensure maximum fidelity of audio information delivered to the coaxial digital output jack. For critical listening, the video circuitry can be shut down completely to avoid any possible interference with audio signals.

For custom installation professionals and optimal system integration, the DPS -10.5 includes a bidirectional RS -232 port, IR input and output jacks, and a 12 -Volt trigger input. The front -panel LED and display lighting can be adjusted with a four -way dimmer control. All of the player's setup and functions can be controlled with the included preprogrammed and learning remote control.

The Integra DPS -10.5 is currently available at a suggested retail price of $2500.

Integra designs and manufactures premium Home Theater receivers, processors, amplifiers, and DVD players that are specifically designed to meet the needs of custom audio/video systems installers. Systems integration and convergence technology protocols include RS -232, A -BUS, IR and on -board Ethernet for network connectivity and TCP/IP control. Integra has access to vast technical resources, and bears a proud heritage of over 50 years of audio engineering excellence. For more information about Integra and its many fine products, visit or call 800 225 -1946.

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