New Technology in Central Vacuums - WET and DRY!

In addition to all the great vacuuming features of a regular central vacuum, the AQUA-AIR Wet/Dryalso cleans tile, wood, carpet, spills and pet accidents with a hot water rinse process. All recovered soil and water automatically go down the drain.



With ever -greater improvements in home appliances, it ought to come as no surprise that there is a better Central Vacuum system available today -one that comes with superior features, satisfies more cleaning needs, and is both healthier for your household and easier to maintain. A new era of household cleaning is here with the advent of the Wet/Dry central vacuum system.

Central Vacuum systems have been around for about 70 years, and yet they are more popular than ever. A special feature published by USA Today Weekend proclaimed a new era for the technology, concluding, "Industry experts say at least half of new houses could have them by 2010."

What's behind this surge in popularity? Undoubtedly, the public interest in these central vacuum systems is being driven by the new and many things they can do to improve household living. Unlike your mother's or even grandmother's central vac system, which could only clean up dry dirt and dust, today's finest systems also excel on the wet, messy cleanups that were once the job of a mop or shop vacuum. Pet accident? Dropped egg? Toilet Overflow? Flooded basement? A new -age wet/dry central vac, such as the industry -leading Aqua -Air Wet/Dry â Total Cleaning System, has the tools; accessories and suction power to handle the job.

Imagine mopping floors with clean, clear, and hot water from start to finish, leaving them dry to the touch moments after passing over them. It's ideal for expensive wood floors that can't tolerate standing water. If you want professional -quality, deep -cleaned carpets, without having to pay someone to do it, use your Aqua -Air Wet/Dry â Total Cleaning System to perform a hot -water extraction process that deep cleans with the same process recommended by major carpet manufacturers. Now you don't have to feel obligated to clean the whole room when only a spot cleaning is needed. It takes just a few minutes to take care of a spill like a professional. Cars and trucks can get the same quick attention to spills or a complete cleanup with garage hookups.

For vacuuming and dusting these wet/dry systems perform all the tasks of a regular central vacuum system and use any tools and accessories standard to the industry. For wet tasks, a special vacuum hose with internal rinse water line is used for suction & hot water supply to the attachments. This hose connects into the same wall inlet that is used for dry vacuuming and a tail connects to the water supply. The hot water supply is available from outlets with wall plates identical to the vacuum inlets. Specialized tools are available for wet cleaning of upholstery, carpets, tile and wood floors.

This wet -vacuum feature alone would be enough to make browsers buyers. But another powerful inducement to buy is allergies caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality. Recent studies done by the EPA suggest that one in three home purchasers include family members with allergies. As numbers of allergy -affected Americans steadily rise, so do the legions of households seeking to improve family health through better indoor air quality.

Steve Klossner, consultant for the American Lung Association, plays the role of CSI - crime scene investigator - - for indoor air quality. He says that particulates (dust & allergens) rank among the top concerns of any indoor air quality specialist. With the Aqua -Air Wet/Dry â Total Cleaning System, all household dust and grime, wet or dry, is disposed of in dust -free fashion. Nobody in the family will be exposed to the contaminants removed from your home, and because there is no further contact with the dust, there is no chance of pollutants re -entering the household. Don't want or need to use a central vacuum system to do wet cleaning or remove wet messes, but like the idea of reducing your family's allergen exposure? It's usually possible to replace a standard central vacuum unit that handles dry debris with a wet filtration unit, if the health and convenience aspects of wet filtration are what you're after.

How does the Aqua -Air Wet/Dry â Total Cleaning System accomplish its dust -free disposal? By wet cyclonic filtration. The vacuumed debris, wet or dry, is combined with a stream of water in cyclonic slurry that sends soil and contaminants down the drain and exhaust vapors outdoors. The result? One hundred percent dust elimination. There are no dusty power units to empty, and no clouds of dust escaping as you deposit the contents into the trash. Best of all, with no filters or bags to get choked with dust, the system maintains full suction power at all times. A disposable debris screen catches large debris you don't want sent down the drain - - like rings, socks and toys.

Installation of a wet/dry system such as the Aqua Air Wet/Dry Total Cleaning System is different from installing a dry system, but not difficult. The power unit needs to be placed in a frost -free location, such as a heated basement to avoid freezing. A connection to a sewer drain is needed to dispose of filtration water and soil. Connections to the water system near the main unit are needed for hot rinse and cold filtration water supplies, but these don't need to be anything unusual. A typical garden -hose connection and shutoff will do the job.
Installation of vacuum tubing throughout the home is similar to that of traditional central vacuum systems, though it does require some special installation techniques. For wet cleaning operations, there are hot water outlets installed beside the vacuum inlets to provide a hot -water rinse source. Hot water is supplied to these outlets though approved flexible tubing. These water outlets are leak -free, with quick -connect attachments that are always on and ready for an emergency cleanup.

For active households and busy people who care about the quality of their indoor environment, the Aqua -Air Wet/Dry â Total Cleaning System, one of the leaders of today's new generation of central vacuum systems, offers the right technology at the right time.

By: AQUA -AIR Wet/Dry® Manufacturing

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