Smart building technology into mass production

Smart homes, which earlier could be acquired only by pioneers, are now easy to buy. Intelligent building technology is available as a complete package with automated tailoring for customer requirements. The concept is based on COBA.

Intelligent building systems offer utmost comfort by optimizing temperature, indoor air quality, lighting conditions as well as security. The intelligent building technology, controlled by situations and user needs, is now available as a complete package with automated tailoring for customer requirements.

The dreams of home automation have been productized into an easily purchasable solution. Due to extensive product development, the international leading edge has stayed in Finland. "The solution developed by Lämpötalo and HomeSoft is much more comfortable and efficient than the trials in the nineties. The experiences of the early adopters have been taken into account, and now the real action begins", comments Risto Linturi, pioneer of home automation. Efficient mass production of individually tailored solutions is the new element of the solution. The result is top quality at minimal cost.

The first nationwide chain to deliver the intelligent facility management solution is Lämpötalo. The concept, which is based on the open COBA interfaces, has been productized by HomeSoft Oy. It is easy to purchase the solution with one contract. "Previously a builder of a detached house had to deal with as many as four different vendors. Now automation is packaged with the rest of the building technology, and the customer gets the total package as a turn key solution," Pasi Typpö from the Lämpötalo chain tells and adds: "Intelligent facility management gives us the chance to serve our customer in a more diverse way than previously, as the information on a service requirement automatically reaches the right persons." A builder of a one family house, Kenneth Nylund, who recently purchased an intelligent facility management solution, says: "I opted for this solution as the functionality seems superior and it was easy to buy."

The core of the concept is the building operating system COBA (Connected Open Building Automation). COBA offers a common interface to all facility management systems: heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, consumption metering, access and attendance, video surveillance as well as burglar, fire and humidity alarms. The integration allows the systems to work together seamlessly and to be controlled according to needs and situations. The efficient, requirement controlled design and implementation process is based on open interfaces and simple product and solution modeling.

COBA was created in a standardization project of companies representing various industries, and is now in extensive commercial use. In addition to HomeSoft and Lämpötalo, among others Securitas Systems Oy and Lonix Oy offer solutions based on COBA. Lonix also provides the modules with the intelligence included in the HomeSoft solution. "The original vision of the COBA project proved to be correct", says CEO Tuomas Koskenranta from Lonix. "The future is standardized in COBA. The development efforts have been extensive and have aimed precisely on increased productivity. There is no nicer progress than to have renewed the facility technology of residential buildings."

Further information:

Pasi Typpö, Lämpötalo -chain, +358 400 911 526,
Asko Kapanen, HomeSoft Oy, +358 400 551 471,
Tuomas Koskenranta, Lonix Oy, +358 50 352 8333,
Risto Linturi, +358 50 511 4332,


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ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

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