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If it costs so little extra to enabled your properties for home automation with IQ Cardio from Blue Ridge Electrical Systems Ltd, but means extra ££££`s when you come to sell - why wouldn`t you.

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Since Blue Ridge Electrical started working with property developers and house builders, providing unique solutions for home automation and multi room entertainment systems, we have been happy to find that when approached by a local building firm to quote for an electrical installation, we were able to quote to enable the property for complete home automation at no extra cost than it would take to wire as a standard installation. Thus giving the owner the opportunity to either keep the property as standard or to automate whenever they are ready, which is one of the main reasons why Blue Ridge chose IQ -Cardio. If your building houses and you want to install home automation, the only two things you may want to know are `how much will it cost to pre wire` and `what is the return on investment`, well, the answers simple, with some systems you have to pay extra for special wiring or extra for special fittings, when wired, the property is usually tied to that or a similar system until re -wired. The other draw back being that once wired, it must be automated upon completion. The solution is to choose the system that not only works on standard twin and earth cable, thus making it no more expensive for the house builder, but to make it work on standard switches, which are easily available and offer a wide range of choice. Property which has been built ready to take an automation system is clearly going to offer significant benefits for the building company and the client, thus giving return on investment at little or no additional cost. The IQ Cardio system also allows installation in stages, which is another way that the cost of installation can be kept within budget, even though the IQ Cardio system can control many aspects of the property, it usually costs less than some systems that just control the lighting.

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IntraSonic Technology - I2000 Music Distribution and Intercom System

IntraSonic Technology - I2000 Music Distribution and Intercom System

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