Golden Crater Software releases Doberman Security and Automation version 3.51

Golden Crater Software releases Doberman Security and Automation version 3.51, including support for PowerLinkIP, IVM Answering Machine, and Subscription Service.

Golden Crater Software is pleased to announce the release of Doberman Security and Automation version 3.51

The latest version of Doberman Security and Automation includes support for three more products.

Smarthome's PowerLinkIP (1132IP) is now supported, allowing users to use the same familiar interface and macros to control remote sites such as a cottage or summer home.

Some slight modifications to interface with NCH Swift Sound's IVM Answering Machine to both serve voice messages to any internet connected device on the web, and to dial out and play alert messages during an alarm condition.

Also new with version 3.51 is the Subscription Service. With this service, web page interface, and Doberman BMS Client users alike can locate their Automation Systems, even with a dynamic IP. Doberman BMS Clients can automatically reconfigure themselves over the web as the host IP changes. There is no extra software to install.

This release also includes some minor bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Registered users can simply download and install the latest version from to upgrade free of charge.

Doberman Security and Automation is a growing system that provides a comfortable, intuitive interface. Designed for the average person's castle (1400 - 4000 sq ft houses) that covers security, convenience, comfort, and savings while incorporating design features found in large multi -building 'campus automation systems.'

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