NetStreams®TouchLinX™ In -Wall Keypad Gives Users Simple Control of the DigiLinX™ IP -Based Audio Dis

Touch Screen LCD Puts Intuitive Control of All System Sources and Zones at User's Fingertips

Austin, TX - September 10, 2004 - NetStreams, the leader in IP -based Networked Audio/Video distribution, introduces the TouchLinX™ (TL380) in -wall touch screen controller as part of the DigiLinX™ IP -based networked audio/video distribution system. The elegant interface provides users with intuitive control, instant feedback, and more from all sources integrated into the DigiLinX System.

TouchLinX TL380 features a 3.8 -inch, high -resolution TFT color LCD touchscreen that uses Macromedia® Flash® to display a rich, animated user interface. The Windows® CE operating system runs both the DigiLinX and Musica interfaces, and is capable of supporting other applications as well. TouchLinX allows for easy customization of each room's bass, treble, and balance, and any keypad in the system lets users control playback for any individual room or the whole system at once. One of the most distinct functions of TouchLinX is its ability to access and distribute metadata bundled with audio, particularly from Request Multimedia®'s Audio Request music servers. Users can now select songs by album, artist, and genre, and even view cover art.

"We designed the TouchLinX TL380 to be the perfect interface to all of DigiLinX's breakthrough capabilities," said Herman Cardenas, founder and chief executive officer of NetStreams. "TouchLinX is not only capable of providing precise control for virtually any existing media source distributed via DigiLinX, it does so in a way that makes all users very comfortable with the system."

In addition to its touchscreen, the TouchLinX TL380 features four backlit hard keys that adjust power and volume. NetStreams' dealer set -up software enables installers to change the buttons' functions at installation, and custom button engraving is also available.

Used in a DigiLinX application, TouchLinX's essentially requires no programming. Once an audio source is connected to the network and set up with NetStreams' dealer software, the TL380 automatically identifies that source and displays the correct control screens on the
LCD touch panel. TouchLinX fits easily in a standard 2 gang backless box or P -ring and is available in White, Almond, Ivory, Black, Antique Gold and Titanium colored faceplates.

TouchLinX offers "future -compatible" networked home entertainment with upgradeable firmware and a built -in 4 -port, 10/100 Ethernet switch for a whole host of connection opportunities. These include integration with a wireless access point, IP -based security camera, additional SpeakerLinX™ amplification modules, and more. TouchLinX even includes a built -in microphone and speaker for future Voice -over -IP (VoIP) intercom applications.

NetStreams DigiLinX family of IP -based products offers very high quality and high performance audio distribution and control with capabilities never seen before, and a rich user experience only available in high cost systems today. This innovative product line, using NetStreams' patent pending technology, is the first IP -based multi -room audio system in the custom market; 'IP -based' meaning a system that is not only controlled over IP, but also distributes its audio and video over packetswitched
streams. DigiLinX delivers on the promise of convergence, effectively marrying networking technologies with hi -fidelity audio and later video, marking the introduction of 'Networked Digital Entertainment'.

TouchLinX Features:

• Intuitive in -wall LCD touch screen controller
• Amazing Flash -based graphics
• Built -in 4 -port Ethernet switch
• Fits standard 2 -gang box
• Mounting bracket included
• Available in White, Almond, Ivory, Black, Antique Gold, and Titanium faceplates

TouchLinX Specifications:

• Operating System: Windows® CE 4.2 (embedded Macromedia Flash player)
• Connectors: 4 Ethernet RJ45 (EIA 568a); 4 2 -pin Phoenix
Connectors (28V Power)
• In -Wall Dimensions: 3 -5/8"W x 3 -5/8"H x 1 -3/4"D (98mm x 98mm x 45mm)
• External Dimensions: 4 -9/16"W x 4 -5/8"H x 2"D (114mm x 116mm x 50mm)
• Weight: 0.5 lbs (0.23 kg)
• NetPower™: 1

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user -friendly and future -compatible. NetStreams, The IP -Based Audio Distribution Company. For additional information on NetStreams and its innovative products, please visit NetStreams is a registered trademark of NetStreams. DigiLinX, TouchLinX, and SpeakerLinX are trademarks of NetStreams.
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