Kaleidescape, Inc., The Company That Created The First Entertainment Server For Whole-House Video, Announces That The Award-Winning Kaleidescape System Is Now Available To International Customers And Dealers

Indianapolis, IN - CEDIA EXPO 2004 - Sept. 8 -12 - Booth #432 - Kaleidescape, Inc., the company that created the first entertainment server for whole -house video, announces that the award -winning Kaleidescape System is now available to international customers and dealers. New software features, and enhancements to the Kaleidescape Movie Guide Service, now make it possible for international customers to enjoy the Kaleidescape experience.

"Since the introduction of the Kaleidescape System at CEDIA Expo 2003, we have seen steadily increasing interest from potential customers, dealers, and distributors around the world," said Michael Malcolm, Chairman and CEO, Kaleidescape, Inc. "With this announcement, we are proud to say that Kaleidescape has begun to fulfill the international demand for our products and services."

To respond to the international demand for its products and services, Kaleidescape has enhanced the Kaleidescape System and Movie Guide Service with the following:

• Support for PAL 16:9 and 4:3 DVD formats
• Support for interlaced (576i) and progressive (576p) video output formats
• Support for the MPEG audio format for movie and home video soundtracks
• Import and playback of Region 1 through 6 DVDs
• Kaleidescape Movie Guide Service support for Region 1 through 6 DVD content
• CE mark, CB report, and an auto -switching power supply for each Kaleidescape System component

A Kaleidescape Base System includes a Kaleidescape Server with sufficient storage for 180 DVDs (expandable to 500 DVDs), a Digital Movie Player for playback in a single zone, and a DVD Reader for importing DVDs. These components are connected by the household Ethernet network. A scalable system architecture permits an additional Digital Movie Player to be added to the network for each desired viewing zone, and additional Kaleidescape Servers to be added for storing thousands of DVDs.

Kaleidescape is now qualifying, signing -up, and training international dealers. For more information call 650 -625 -6100, at CEDIA Expo 2004, visit booth #432, or go to www.kaleidescape.com for additional details.

Quickly distinguished as a pioneer in A/V convergence technology, Kaleidescape, Inc. has developed a new category of consumer electronics products and services that are transforming the way consumers enjoy movies at home. Designed for the discriminating home video enthusiast, the Kaleidescape System sets the standard for an easy -to -use entertainment server that enables the customer to quickly access their entire movie collection from anywhere in their home. The Kaleidescape System combines a compelling industrial design, ingenious engineering, and an outstanding user interface to make watching movies at home easier and more enjoyable than ever.

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