Design Improvements And A Sleek New High-End Look Give Added Edge To One Of The Most Personalizable Preamp/Processors In The Industry!


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Design Improvements And A Sleek New High -End Look Give Added Edge To One Of The Most Personalizable Preamp/Processors In The Industry!

Indianapolis, IN - CEDIA EXPO 2004 - Sept. 8 -12 - Booth 512 - The AVM 30 preamp/processor/tuner from Anthem™ Electronics creates the ultimate listening experience for music and home theater. Designed and built in North America, on the same award -winning platform as Anthem's™ extraordinarily successful AVM 20, the AVM 30 offers double the number of component Video Inputs and Outputs, gorgeous new aesthetics, including a finer -grained brushed metal front panel with Blue vacuum fluorescent front -panel display and Blue and Red LEDs. Like its predecessor, the Anthem™ AVM 30 is already being hailed as one of the most tweakable, personalizable and flexible pre/pros on the market.

Just like the AVM 20, the AVM 30 is essentially 8 high -end components in one -preamplifier, digital -to -analog (DAC) and analog -to -digital (DAC) converter, surround -sound processor (SSP), HDTV video switcher, multi -room/whole -house entertainment control center, AM/FM tuner and headphone preamplifier.

Unlike many SSPs on the market, the AVM 30's whole home focus is as much about distributed video as it is about distributed audio -making it possible and simple to direct and select audio and video program material throughout the home. 12 -volt trigger options allow homeowners to automate as much of their system as they choose. With the AVM 30, a system can operate in four separate areas of a home simultaneously. Any source can play in any of four paths, and users can watch one source, while listening to another. This pre/pro can also operate two complete 7.1 home theater systems playing concurrently.

The Main Path provides video and multichannel audio for the main music and home theater room. Zone 2 and Zone 3 paths provide 2 component video outputs and 2 -channel audio outputs with volume, bass, treble and balance controls operating independently of the Main Path, and of each other. The fourth path, Record, provides video, 2 -channel analog -audio and digital -audio record outputs, selectable by source. With the addition of an external preamplifier or receiver the Record Path can be used as a fourth independent audio/video zone.

Like its predecessor, the AVM 30 features Anthem's™ own precision Digital Signal Processing design, and uses one of the most powerful DSP engines available -the Motorola® 56367 DSP chip. Among other tasks, it heads a full slate of surround -sound decoding, a package that includes the company's own Anthem -Logic Music™ and Anthem -Logic Cinema™, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby EX, DTS Neo: 6, EX Matrix, ES Discrete, and THX Ultra2/THX Surround EX with four optional modes. Dolby Pro Logic IIx software will also soon be available as a free download from Anthem's™ website (

Unique to Anthem's™ AVM design is the inclusion of THX Audio Setup, offering flexibility with THX processing not offered by other SSPs on the market. Consumers can adjust rear -speaker delay in a 7.1 setup to achieve the best surround sound when applying THX, and a Boundary Gain Compensation feature improves bass balance in rooms where subwoofer placement causes a "boomy" bass and disables Re -EQ when THX is on.

The increase to 1 -Mbit memory on the motherboard in the AVM 30 provides double the memory for storing code for the DSP and provides added flexibility for any future software upgrades. A faster microprocessor offers more than double the clock speed of the AVM 20 and significantly faster response from the front -panel controls, as well as from the unit's remote control.
Optional rack -mount handles are now available for this unit. The Anthem™ AVM 30 has an MSRP of $2,999.00/US.

Anthem™ Electronics has been manufacturing high -quality, high -end audio equipment for over a decade. In that time, Anthem™ has built an enviable reputation for products that can recreate the passion a music lover experiences when attending a live musical performance, or the thrilling sound a movie buff experiences in the very best movie theaters. Anthem™ provides this with the highest level of craftsmanship, sophisticated circuit designs, superior quality parts and materials, modern intuitive ergonomics and stylish industrial design.

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