TBI introduces musical pitch perfect subwoofers for music and Home Theater

TBI of Marietta GA introduces a complete line of quality subwoofer products to enhance the enjoyment of music and Home Theater. Developed on a low mass platform the line is impervious to room reflections producing extremely natural low frequencies.

TBI has developed the first subwoofer units that don't rely on static mass to achieve low frequency output. The Magellan series of subwoofers using Patent Pending Embedded Transmission Line (ETL™) technology defies the laws of physics by allowing small low mass drivers to produce frequencies to below 20Hz. These revolutionary products are based on technology that uses the only common element between the main speakers and the subwoofer to assure synchronization of shared harmonic and fundamental frequencies. The signal itself determines if the subwoofer produces the low frequencies. Typical subwoofers require heavy mass to achieve low resonance and this resonance frequency is independent of the incoming signal. Virtually any low frequency signal will stimulate woofers based on this long -standing principle. This mass associated with achieving low frequencies is okay for steady state sine wave signals but blurs the sound of the dynamic responses. This is the reason that typical subwoofers have a one -note sound regardless of cost.

The subwoofer typically adds an additional resonant frequency that co -exists with the resonance of the main systems woofer. The sound of the main speakers is okay when played alone but leaves one wanting for deeper response. When the additional speaker system is added to operate at the lower frequencies the total system now has two separate resonate masses that vibrate differently when responding to the incoming signal yet they are overlapping in their response patterns. It is impossible to achieve coherence under these conditions. This is the only way that the loudspeaker industry has responded to low frequency reproduction since the invention of the subwoofer in the early 1980's. This approach has allowed the subwoofer to easily enter the home theater market to mimic the loud volume and effects reproduction associated with movie theaters.

This approach has left audiophiles and people who want accurate low frequencies wanting badly for a product that will integrate seamlessly with high -end music and home theater systems. This has proved to be no easy task as recent efforts by many top audio manufacturers has failed to overcome the idiosyncrasies associated with this task.

The typical subwoofer is also an eyesore for most environments. The TBI modules have the profile of a typical audio/video component allowing for easy visual integration in your room.

The low profile TBI bass extension modules produce an acoustically coherent low frequency output that completely isolates the driver from the ambient. The loading principles allow the modules to be operated in acoustic parallel if required to achieve the desired room output. Both powered and passive models are available for virtually any application.

Please visit us at www.musicalsubwoofers.com

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