New Single-Chassis Custom Installation Product Built To Power High-Current Home Theater And Automation Systems.

CEDIA EXPO 2004 - Sept. 8 -12 - RCA Dome, Booth #1200 - Richard Gray's Power Company™ (RGPC) announces the introduction of the PowerHouse. Designed and engineered to power larger home theater and home automation systems, the PowerHouse can handle up to 6200 -watts of continuous power and is the largest, most powerful rack -mountable Power Delivery product to date.

As witnessed by the front panel's analog amp meter than "red lines" at 50 -amps, the PowerHouse is not your typical "line conditioner". Built to meet the growing demand for an all -in -one power product that could satisfy the high -current demands of larger installations, the PowerHouse combines a 5 -kilowatt transformer and a dual choke 1200S all in one rack -mountable chassis. The massive transformer provides almost three times as much power as the RGPC SubStation, while the 20 commercial -grade, 20 -amp Hubbell outlets supply RGPC's patented parallel technology for powering a rack full of components.

Like the SubStation, the PowerHouse is wired for 240V operation providing completely isolated balanced AC power and total rejection of power surges. Installing a 240V line in a new build or home remodel is a snap, while retrofit custom installations become much easier with only one 240V line to add. Electrical work becomes quicker, safer and less obtrusive for the homeowner and the installer.

Besides the installation convenience of housing all this power in one chassis, the ability to provide AC power to 20 components eliminates the need for multiple RGPC units and "jumper" power cords that can add resistance to the line. The 8 rack space PowerHouse, while physically large, is easily mounted in the bottom of a custom installation rack using its integral rack mount ears. Further making the custom installer's job easier, RGPC is partnered with D -Tools to provide installers and integrators with the proper wiring and setup schematics for all of RGPC's products, including the PowerHouse.

The introduction of the PowerHouse and recent introductions of the PowerLink and 1200 Custom solidifies Richard Gray's Power Company as the market leader in providing custom installation professionals with innovative Power Delivery products that increase the performance of their installations. By consistently manufacturing quality, custom installation products RGPC continues its dedication to dealers and installers by affording them the opportunity to set themselves and their installations apart from their competitors as well as big -box retailers.

MSRP of the RGPC PowerHouse is $8995 and is shipping Q4 2004.

Richard Gray's Power Company™ (RGPC) designs, engineers and manufactures the only patented, non -current limiting Power Delivery System for the home theater market. RGPC's parallel technology captures and restores instantaneously high -current -on -demand, working cycle -to -cycle to satisfy power hungry equipment while rejecting power spikes and smaller surges that lead to premature failure of sensitive electronics. RGPC products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and are sold solely through their network of professional audio/video dealers and installers.

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