Freecom's FHD -3 External Hard Drive Offers Users a New Concept in Stackable Storage

Features Up to 400 Gigabytes of Multimedia Storage for the Home or Office

Berkeley, CA - - September 8, 2004 - - Freecom Technologies, a leading European manufacturer of high quality, easy -to -use multimedia storage solutions announced today the FHD -3, a new storage solution for the home or office. The new drive can easily be positioned either horizontally or vertically and what might look like "just another hard drive" is in fact the start of a brand new multimedia storage concept.

In the near future, Freecom will introduce more products that use the same design format. New cutting edge concepts that Freecom is working on include: an AV -module, which the user can connect the FHD -3 to a TV and use the drive as a HD -recorder. When connecting to a wireless LAN module, users will be able share the data on the FHD -3 in a wireless network environment. These additional modules will stack on top of each other, thereby creating a real Multimedia Tower with the FHD -3 as basis.

Freecom US Sales Manager, Dave Glassman states, "The FHD -3 is a revolutionary new product, it allows the home or corporate user one drive that can safely store virtually all their multimedia files. For home network users it can be the basis for extensive multimedia libraries. Users can also easily transport those files in the drive to share with friends or take to work for fast downloading."

The fast and extremely silent hard drive with One Button Data Synchronization comes in 160, 250 and 400 Gigabyte versions. These large capacities make the drive ideally suited for working with storage -space consuming data -files like video, digital photos, presentations or MP3 music files. The FHD -3 is available in 2 versions; the customer can choose between a USB 2.0 version or a second version featuring both USB 2.0 and FireWire connections. Both interfaces ensure fast data transfer rates and ensure rapid access to all data. The FHD -3 is easy to install - whether on a PC, Mac or notebook - no need to reboot or reconfigure the computer. Its small size of only 6.8"x5.5"x1.7" makes the hard drive extremely portable and the sleek design of the aluminum external hard drive is a real eye -catcher.

Freecom offers the new FHD -3 with a foot stand (to enable the drive to be positioned vertically), USB 2.0 connection cable, FireWire / iLink connection cable (only with the USB & FireWire version), Power adapter and Manual (on CD). Also included in the package are the Freecom Personal Media Suite (this software suite consists of the SYNC program f or file synchronization, a Password protection, Secure&Compress security coding software, Autorun for automatically running a file or program and True Image by Acronis; this software takes an exact image of your hard drive or separate partitions for complete backup and allows the user to restore all of their hard drive files, including operating systems and programs.

The Freecom FHD -3 is available now, starting at a suggested MSRP of $199.99 (160GB version), and comes with the Freecom's unique 2 year manufacturer's warranty and unlimited free helpdesk support.

About Freecom Technologies Inc.
Freecom Technologies is a leading manufacturer of easy -to -use multimedia storage solutions. Freecom products provide simple access to digital data and enhance the connectivity of portable digital devices. The company's products offer flexibility, connectivity and value that are unmatched by other storage manufacturers. Headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands, Freecom is dedicated to providing customers with easy -to -use, intelligent storage solutions.

Freecom has branch offices all over Europe in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain and The Netherlands as well as local offices in the United States.

The US Headquarters for Freecom Technologies Inc. are located at 2326 Fifth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. For further marketing information please contact Howard Miller (510) 548 -4849 ext. 202; or for sales information contact Dave Glassman (510) 548 -4849 ext. 205 also visit the Freecom website at

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