1st release of Ariane Controls PLM -1 Powerline Transceiver

Ariane Controls is please to announce the availability of its PLM-1 Powerline communication modem (transceiver). This new single chip solution is now available to OEM and integrators along with many reference platforms.

This new inexpensive yet extremely reliable, more than any other solution available today in the market, will allow any building automation or public utility integrators to add communication capabilities to existing or new products in a snap. Ariane controls offers ready to use reference design and custom individual design and support services.

The AC -PLM -1 ASIC IC is single chip digital modem implementing a half -duplex transmitter/receiver function to interface between a host and the power line. Using either a SPI or Parallel port, the host device will be capable of sending and/or receiving information or commands to any other device connected to the power line. The device includes a complete set of high -level functions, enabling designers to easily implement high -performance PLC networks.

Functional Summary

The PLC -1 Transceiver provides the following list of functions:

•Very robust FSK demodulation technique, high noise immunity,
•Low -harmonic narrowband modulation,
•Programmable baud rate from 100 bauds to 30,000 bauds,
•Programmable central frequency from 50 to 500 kHz,
•Complete Medium Access Controls (MAC) logic on the device,
•CSMA/CD type collision detection and resolution,
•Programmable automatic preamble generation,
•Programmable automatic packet -priority management with four levels (highest, high, standard and differed),
•Packet queuing function,
•Error detection (CRC 16),
•High -efficiency Forward Error Correction (FEC),
•Nibble -oriented efficient data encoding/decoding with control characters EOF and EOP using Hamming code,
•Full transaction -type management using unacknowledged and acknowledged message,
•General timer used for delay timing of retransmission, duplicate packet rejection,
•Parallel and serial interface port (SPI compliant),
•Protocol neutrality, transports any high -level protocol packet (known or user -defined protocols) in a single network.

Technical specifications:

•Total Power Consumption: 0.032 Watts
•3.3V +/ - 10% operating core voltage
•3V (5V tolerant) TTL I/O
•QFP 44 pins package
• -40C TO 85C operating temperature range
•MTBF: 8.57 x 108 hours

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