New MAINstageHD Boasts Upgraded Speakers and Double the Power, Plus A Host of Convenience Features

Following up the unbridled success of the original MAINstage one -piece home theater sound system, soundmatters, inc. today announced it will soon ship MAINstage™HD, a hi -fi theater console with upgraded speakers and twice the power of the original model.

"MAINstage proved that great sound can in fact come from a small package," said Lee Adams, soundmatters, inc.'s Vice President of Marketing. "Some of the most prestigious audio reviewers in print cited MAINstage for its ability to fill a room with a full range sonic experience."

"MAINstageHD is like a MAINstage on steroids, with a bigger sound, new, advanced circuitry, and cosmetic upgrades that enhance overall functionality".

MAINstageHD's integrated digital amplifier doubles the power of the original, reaching 80 Watts RMS for a stronger dynamic range and deeper 3 -dimensional image. Signal -to -noise ratio is improved as well, now rated at +20dB. Additionally, soundmatters' proprietary Linear Magnetic Drive speakers were strengthened for greater clarity and sonic definition.

Along with improvements in technology, form and function are upgraded as well. Newly added front panel controls include Volume +/ -, surround and standby/mute LED indicators. The rear panel is enhanced with an output for adding a second MAINstage for a dedicated 6.1 surround system. The IR remote now features a bass level control as well.

MAINstageHD, similar to the previous model, is wall -mountable via Omni -mount® -compatible brackets.

As the majority of today's flat TVs are in -fact shelf -mounted, the new model retains the original model's sleek mini -footprint form factor. The new MAINstageHD measures 2.6" x 16.75" x 9.6" (H/W/D), and weighs 4.85 lbs. It will ship in October at a suggested retail price of $379.

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