Wall-Mountable, Single-Box System Features Nine Radiators, Eight Amps Plus Virtual Surround Processor

With demand for flat -panel television monitors growing at a furious pace, soundmatters, inc. today announced a new complementary surround sound wall panel with the equivalent of an integrated slim -line 12" FlatMagicTM sub for bass response flat to 35Hz.

The new FLATstage™ (SRP: $899), scheduled to ship in November, was designed by acclaimed consumer electronics pioneer Dr. Godehard Guenther for consumers who appreciate the benefits of high -definition, full range audio, but who prefer not to sacrifice their homes to multi -box systems and excessive cable clutter.

FLATstage™, like its sister product, the successful MAINstage set -top system, provides installers and end -users with a new home audio solution designed for wall mounting, above or below a flat -panel monitor. (It can be mounted on an optional stand as well.) The unit is only 3.95" slim at its thickest section, while the two connected side panels are only 1" thick. The angled front panel creates an enveloping soundfield usually associated with higher -priced, multi -box component audio systems.

Commented Lee Adams, soundmatters, inc.'s Vice President of Marketing: "Along with providing a new level of home viewing pleasure, flat -panel TV's offer the added benefit of removing a big box, replacing it with a sleek, unobtrusive alternative. So, why counteract the appeal of a clutter -free space with ugly speaker boxes and wires?

"Like a piece of art, the FLATstage™ sits on the wall, complementing the room's aesthetic rather than detracting from it, all while filling the space with remarkable levels of bandwidth, fidelity and overall sonic range."

The FLATstage™ features nine internal radiators, a robust audio processor, and eight digital amplifiers, producing room -filling full -range audio that even sounds accurate when sitting off axis. In order to reach the depths below 35Hz bass response, soundmatters incorporates its patent -pending FlatMagic™ woofer design, which allows for extraordinarily flat speaker construction with massive power and air volume displacement. Among its driver array, the FLATstage™ features a patented 6" subwoofer that is synchronized with a "moving wall" consisting of two rubber -encased 1/8" steel 6"x 6 passive radiators. The subwoofer's enclosure is constructed of welded, corrugated steel.

FLATstage™ provides a frequency range of 35Hz - 20kHz, +/ -3dB, with a specially developed virtual surround algorithm for closely spaced speakers. Internal components include two 100 Watt amplifiers and six 20 Watt amplifiers, as well as a ZORAN audio processor and universal switching mode power supply. Additional features include digital and analog inputs, including one 1/8" mini -jack input on the front panel for connecting a portable audio device, as well as rear channel line outputs for creating a true 6.1 surround sound system by adding a second FLATstage in the rear of the room.

The entire system measures 8" x 27" x 3.95" (H/W/D), and weighs about 20 lbs. The package includes two slim wall anchors and standard -size anchors.

For high -resolution images and product loans, please contact Adam Sohmer, 718 -499 -9161 (voice/fax), 347 -512 -0066 (cell), adam@sohmerassoc.com.

soundmatters, inc. (www.soundmatters.com), headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is dedicated to developing consumer electronics that enhance, rather than complicate consumers' lifestyles. For further information, high -resolution images, product samples, and interviews with company executives, please contact Adam Sohmer, SOHMER ASSOCIATES, 718 -499 -9161 (voice/fax), 347 -512 -0066 (cell), adam@sohmerassoc.com.

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