Vantage Controls to Show Fifteen New Products at CEDIA 2004

OREM, Utah, - INDIANAPOLIS, CEDIA EXPO 2004 (Booth# 220) - Vantage Controls will be unveiling 15 new products at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis September 10, 2004, in booth 220 at the 2004 CEDIA Expo, September 10 -12, 2004. These new products will also be the highlight of Vantage Controls' annual press conference on Saturday September 11th in room 140 of the Indiana Convention Center.

"It is exciting to see the progress we've made in the past year," said Vantage Controls' Executive Vice President, Richard Brady. "Home automation technology is advancing very quickly and Vantage will continue to be a frontrunner in the industry."

Following are brief descriptions of some of the new products or advancements that will be unveiled at the 2004 CEDIA Expo.

BriteTouch Buttons - Vantage's BriteTouch buttons are the most customizable and visually appealing automation keypad buttons to date. Each of up to eight buttons is backlit by a three color LED providing unlimited color choices. The buttons are controlled by an integrated ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts backlight intensity.

C -Box LE - An affordable compact radio frequency transmitting lighting and automation controller. It is small enough to hold in one hand, yet manages RF signals over 100 feet in any direction. These RF signals are messages to and from Scene Point Dimmers (dimming keypads that replace traditional light switches) and TouchPoint LCD touchscreens. With RF transmitter/ receivers in the back of every keypad and touchscreen, all of the lights are now communicating and are controllable from any given location. The C -Box LE can also control thermostats, blind motors, and other third party devices that accept an RS -232 connection.

Theatre C -Box - The Theatre C -Box is a combination theatre and automation system controller perfect for the home theatre or office board room. By merging the features of Vantage's TheatrePoint and C -Box into one; Vantage keypads, ScenePoint dimmers, remotes, sensors, and LCD screens can be connected and programmed to control both theatre components and lighting loads.

Touch Point C5V - The TouchPoint C5V is a 5.5 inch color touchscreen interface with the ability to display audio and video from security cameras, DVD players, and other sources. The sunlight readable backlit display is perfect for controlling lighting scenes, home theaters, and other home devices connected to the Vantage System.

Touch Point C5R - The TouchPoint C5R performs all of the same functions as the C5V, yet communicates with the system wirelessly via RadioLink, a 900 MHz wireless technology. This makes the C5R an easy addition to an existing Vantage system or retro -fit install, eliminating the need to run a communication wire.

Fused Dimming Module - In an effort to intuitively avoid errors and product damage, Vantage has incorporated fuses into its Dimming Modules. Available in 120v and 277v versions, the Standard Dimming Modules are now guarded from wiring errors and shorts during install.

The Complete List of Vantage Products new for 2004 is as follows:

Arctic White Faceplates and Buttons
C -Box LE
Commercial Relay 277
DIN Contact Input Station with RadioLink
DIN Low Voltage Relay Station with RadioLink
Fused 120v and 277v Dimming Modules
Premium Faceplates
QLink 4.0
Relay ScenePoint
Relay ScenePoint w/ RadioLink
TouchPoint C5V
TouchPoint C5R
Theatre C -Box
WebPoint 1.7

About Vantage
For over fifteen years Vantage Controls has been a leading manufacturer of automated control and dimming systems for residential and commercial applications. Vantage offers a powerful means to integrate all facility functions into one central system that can be pre -programmed to activate according to a schedule, sensor or button. Simple stylish keypads or touch screens can eliminate entire rows of unsightly switches. The complete system interconnects via a wireless RadioLink (RF) network or with a simple, non -polarized two -wire bus making Vantage products the easiest to install, and the most versatile and trouble free available. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Vantage distributes its products through a worldwide network of certified representatives, dealers and installers. For more information, visit the Vantage Website at

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