DWIN to Demonstrate DuoVision™ Dual Display Processor At CEDIA 2004

The DuoVision™ dual display processor was developed in response to custom installer's demand for greater convenience and flexibility in home theater installations.

Multi -Display Configuration Streamlines Home Theater Installations

INDIANAPOLIS - September 7, 2004 - DWIN Electronics, Inc. will demonstrate its innovative new DuoVision™ at CEDIA 2004, SR -4.

DuoVision™ is the world`s first high definition dual -display system that provides full digital connectivity to DWIN`s TransVision™ 3 720p DLP™ projector and PlasmaImage™ HD -series plasma displays.

The DuoVision™ dual display processor was specifically developed in response to custom installer's demand for greater convenience and flexibility in home theater installations. Since the processor can be conveniently located near all the video gear in one central location in the home theater, consumers can avoid the added expense of separate video source devices to support high definition video displays in multiple rooms.

DuoVision™ contains two independent modules of DWIN`s acclaimed video signal processor for exceptional movie theater realism on two different DWIN high -definition displays. Deep black levels and natural color reproduction are secured with precision gray scale settings and gamma selections. Motion artifacts are reduced with Adaptive Film Mode processing and picture depth is increased with Signal Dynamic Range Expansion.

Bypassing the plasma display's original scaler, the DWIN processor delivers native resolution digital video signals to each display via a single high bandwidth DVI -HDCP cable. This unique two -component design enables complete uncompressed HD digital video connectivity to each DWIN HD display for the best possible picture quality. The single -cable design also assures easy installation and hassle -free connectivity while reducing cabling costs.

Displays can be located up 100 feet from the processor with a new DWIN DVI Cable Extender device.

The DuoVision™ processor is virtually future -proof, accepting 10 digital or analog video inputs including six HD sources: two DVI/HDCP, two RGB, two S -video, two component and two composite.

The system is sold in several different configurations with the choice of DWIN`s DLP™ projectors and plasma displays.
Suggested retail price for the systems start at $22,950.

Founded in 1985, DWIN Electronics, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of high performance consumer and professional video projectors, digital video processors and displays.

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