Algolith To Present The Critically Acclaimed Mosquito For The First Time At CEDIA 2004.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 1st 2004; Algolith, creator of the Mosquito is pleased to invite everyone to come and see the Mosquito MPEG Noise Reducer in action at CEDIA.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 1st 2004; Algolith, creator of the Mosquito is pleased to invite everyone to come and see the Mosquito MPEG Noise Reducer in action at CEDIA.

Algolith's first Home Theatre product uses MNR part of Algolith's proprietary image processing algorithms portfolio. The Mosquito's performance and features are "Future Proof" since it has very innovative field upgradeability via its USB port. The Mosquito is built within an inspired and attractive "euro -style" chassis. The unit will be on display in Algolith's Booth 1780

Since its launch in June this year, the Mosquito has been featured in two magazine articles.

Robb Report's Home Entertainment Magazine. (

DIGITAL DEET : Algolith's MOSQUITO video processor kills pesky compression artifacts dead

Review by, Photography by Randall Cordero
Home Entertainment Magazine, September/October 2004 issue.

"If you have invested in a large video display and are annoyed by the frizzies, splotchies and fuzzies that are a by -product of our 500 -channel digital TV world, the Algolith Mosquito might just be the exterminator you need."

David -Birch Jones

Widescreen Review (

Algolith Mosquito: 3D MPEG Noise Reducer "Improve Digital Picture Quality"

Review by Greg Rogers
Widescreen Review, Issue 89, October 2004

"It will reward serious home theatre enthusiasts that want to optimize its processing parameters to improve the picture quality of their movie collections."

Greg Rogers

Here are some testimonials.. of satisfied Mosquito customers:

"if you could see how good my plasma Picture Quality (PQ) looks, you would know that it is I who should be thanking you. Keep up the good work."

Nick Biondi
H.T. Enthusiast and Early Adopter of Mosquito

"More than anything else, the overall effect is to "solidify" the image. Things look much more real. I especially notice things with shiny edges (gold, silver, chrome, shiny plastic, etc) looks much, much better, entrancing in fact."

Mark Rubin
H.T. enthusiast

"The way I can understand this is that the reduction in the noise reduces a bit of chroma bleeding that the noise has to carry with it, and that the slight increase of apparent detail from the Mosquito downplays the analog weakness by comparison."

Hunter Martin
Houston TX
H.T. enthusiast

We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time at CEDIA. Dealer inquiries are welcomed!

Mike Poirier
Vice President Sales & Marketing

t 514 -335 -9867 ext.3629
f 514 -333 -9873

About Algolith:

Algolith Inc. is a privately held company which develops and markets video processing algorithms for CE and IC manufacturers, post -production software tools and manufactures sophisticated and innovative Home Theatre Products.

Algolith will be at CEDIA 2004 in Indianapolis in Booth 1780

More information about Algolith is available here. copyright ©2004 Algolith inc. All rights reserved

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