As evidenced by recent commitments to HD Radio from major U.S. broadcast groups, this technology represents the future of AM and FM radio in the United States.

Columbia, MD - August 24, 2004 - iBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer of HD Radio™ technology, and TBK Electronics Corp, a leading manufacturer of Radio Frequency (RF) modules, today announced iBiquity's certification of TBK's TDI 2003 -A1 decoding module for use in automotive and home HD Radio receivers. The TDI 2003 -A1 uses Texas Instruments' second -generation DRI300 chipset.

"As evidenced by recent commitments to HD Radio from major U.S. broadcast groups, this technology represents the future of AM and FM radio in the United States," said Samuel Im, Executive Manager, TBK Electronics Corp. "We look forward to helping meet the increased demand for HD Radio products by continuing to develop components and modules that are both technologically advanced and cost effective for manufacturers. This new, software -based decoding module is both cost and size reduced, and will help receiver manufactures to implement HD Radio™ technology much more efficiently, thereby reducing time to market. We are very proud to be utilizing the DRI300 -based decoding module and will actively support the new chipset's presence in the future accordingly."

"Within the past five months, iBiquity has certified TBK decoders using the Texas Instruments DRI200, DRI250, and now DRI300 chipsets. We congratulate TBK on the achievement of another important engineering milestone. In addition, we applaud their continued efforts to commercialize cost effective HD Radio receivers for the market," said Jeffrey Jury, COO of iBiquity Digital Corporation.

About TBK Electronics, Inc.
For the last 25 years, TBK Electronics Corp. has kept the first place in producing RF tuners for car audio. TBK has expanded their advancement into amplifiers and communications for car, dreaming of the multimedia world inside every car where audio and communication are integrated into one system.

About iBiquity Digital
iBiquity Digital is the sole developer and licenser of HD Radio technology in the U.S., which is transforming today's analog radio to digital, enabling radically upgraded sound and new wireless data services. The company's investors include 15 of the nation's top radio broadcasters, including ABC, Clear Channel and Viacom; leading financial institutions, such as Grotech Capital Group, J.P. Morgan Partners, New Venture Partners, Pequot Capital and J&W Seligman; and strategic partners Ford Motor Company, Harris, Texas Instruments and Visteon. iBiquity Digital is a privately held company with operations in Columbia, MD, Detroit, MI, Redwood City, CA and Warren, NJ. For more information please visit: www.ibiquity.com.

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Luxul - Not just a router, it's EPIC

The network is the foundation on which modern entertainment, security, control and automation systems are built. The new Epic series of routers from Luxul are designed to help integration professionals build that foundation and deliver a great customer experience. The router is a critical piece of every network-connecting a local network to the Internet, controlling traffic and providing security. With the release of its new Epic series, Luxul has redefined the router, adding capabilities that make it far more than just a traditional router. In addition to being high-performing commercial grade routers, the Epic series offers a platform for optimizing the user experience in smart homes, workplaces, retail establishments and more. This experience is delivered through Luxul and third-party applications running on the Epic platform.