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WeatherHawk announces WeatherTalk, a new voice interface to the popular WeatherHawk family of wireless weather stations.

Logan, UT - 9/01/2004 -WeatherHawk announces a new voice interface to the popular WeatherHawk family of wireless weather stations. The new WeatherTalk feature is implemented using virtually any user specified radio transceiver or cellular phone (CDMA or GSM networks supported). With WeatherTalk, a WeatherHawk automatic weather station becomes a real -time Weather Report Center, accessible by UHF/VHF radio or cellular phone.

WeatherTalk is easily installed at private airfields or marinas where it meets the need of yacht clubs, private pilots and flying clubs; anywhere that mariners or pilots need a cost effective system to obtain a real -time weather report by radio.

The WeatherTalk module is attached to any WeatherHawk weather station and it contains a user licensed radio transceiver or cellular phone with a voice synthesizer unit. WeatherTalk listens for a keyed squelch break sequence, or a cellular connection, to activate a voice report of current weather information. When a pilot or mariner approaches an airfield or marina, they key their microphone, or call the phone, and the WeatherTalk system transmits a voice string of current conditions. For example, the WeatherTalk might broadcast something like this: "This is the Smith home airfield, altitude 545 FSW, wind speed is 15 miles per hour, wind direction 274 degrees magnetic, air temperature 76 degrees Fahrenheit, relative humidity 47 percent and barometric pressure ten -seventeen millibars." The voice message and units of measure are owner programmable using included PC Windows software; and the radio transceiver or phone can be supplied and installed by WeatherHawk, or any licensed UHF/VHF radio or cellular phone supplier.

No home with a private dock or unattended airfield should be without the WeatherHawk with a WeatherTalk module.

WeatherHawk, with WeatherTalk is ready for immediate shipment.

WeatherHawk and WeatherTalk are manufactured in the United States, and supported worldwide through a combination of affiliated companies and independent dealers. Please contact WeatherHawk to purchase an exciting NEW WeatherHawk weather station with WeatherTalk, or for information on how to become a WeatherHawk Reseller.

WeatherHawk and WeatherTalk are Trademarks of Campbell Scientific, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

For additional information contact:
John Johnston - Product Manager
815 West 1800 North
Logan, UT 84321
Tel: (435) 750 -1802
TOLL FREE USA: 866 -670 -5982

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