New Optical HDMI Extender to 100 Meters from Gefen

Gefen's ex-tend-it HDMI-1000 HD extender guarantees functionality of high definition video plus multi-channel digital audio at distances up to 100 meters from the source.

Indianapolis, IN - CEDIA 2004 - High definition video currently demands a well engineered transmitter plus superior cabling to maintain its clarity and precision at long distances from the video source. Gefen's ex -tend -it HDMI -1000 HD extender combines solid engineering housed in compact sender and receiver units with multi -mode fiber optic cables to guarantee high definition video plus multi -channel digital audio at distances up to 100 meters from the source.

The unit is named after the HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) connectors with which it is equipped. HDMI is gaining popularity on high definition displays and sources because of its ability to transmit high definition video plus up to eight channels of digital audio in the same connector and cable. The HDMI -1000 HD is ideal for consumer applications that use the video's digital audio at the receiving end, and for extending any display using its HDMI input.

Fiber optic cables from Gefen come in lengths ranging from 100 to 300 feet. Gefen also supplies a variety of high definition digital video extenders using DVI (digital video interface) connectors, such as the DVI -1000 HD.

The HDMI -1000 HD ($899) is available for purchase online at or through a Gefen distributor, located throughout the US and also listed online. Additional information on Gefen's entire line of HDTV solutions is available at, where products may be purchased as well.

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