Comprehensive New Computer Component Extenders from Gefen Support Digital Video Displays

Gefen's long-standing line of CAT-5 KVM extenders has gone digital. Two revamped models extend digital flat panel displays in addition to keyboard/mouse and audio components up to 150 feet in distance.

Indianapolis, IN - CEDIA 2004 - Gefen's long -standing line of CAT -5 KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extenders has gone digital. Two newly revamped models, the ex -tend -it CAT5 -1000 DVI and the CAT5 -5000 DVI extend digital flat panel displays in addition to keyboard/mouse and audio components up to 150 feet in distance.

Designed to enable the operation of computer peripherals in a safe and quiet environment while the CPUs remain in a central, temperature -controlled locale, the CAT5 -1000 DVI and CAT5 -5000 DVI each use a sender and receiver transmission system connected by cable to link the computer to its remotely controlled components.

The CAT5 -1000 DVI extends one digital video display, one keyboard/mouse and a set of speakers. All video, audio and control signals are sent through the sender to the receiver using just one CAT -5 cable, cutting down on cable costs while eliminating unnecessary clutter. All extended components are fully operational, including high resolution digital video up to 1920x1200.

The CAT5 -5000 DVI extends two digital video displays in addition to keyboard/mouse and audio using two CAT -5 cables, enabling a remote dual -display workstation.

Installation of either model requires a simple connecting of the sender to the computer, the receiver to the extended components and the CAT -5 cable(s) to both sender and receiver. Each model requires an external power supply (included), which can be connected at either the local or remote location. Once connected and powered, the extended computer workstation operates as if connected directly to the computer.

Both the CAT5 -1000 DVI ($695) and the CAT5 -5000 DVI ($995) are compatible with digital displays equipped with DVI (digital video interface) connectors, USB keyboards/mice and analog, mini -stereo audio devices. Each may be purchased online at or through a Gefen reseller, also listed online. Shipping is estimated to begin in October 2004.

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