Media Access Solutions Introduces Industry's First Wine Cellar Management System

eSommelier is an easy-to-use computerized device for managing and cataloging your precious wine collection. At the touch of a button you can search your entire inventory and retrieve pertinent information about the wine you`re looking for.

September 8, 2004 - CEDIA 2004, Indianapolis, IN - Media Access Solutions (Booth #1762) today introduced eSommelier, a wine cellar management system designed specifically for home integration. eSommelier is intended for the homeowner with a large wine collection. eSommelier is a self -contained touchscreen appliance that records information about each wine bottle including its precise location in the cellar. Other details can be entered such as price, rating, ripeness and even personal comments on each wine.

Media Access Solutions (MAS) has been a pioneer of new product categories since its inception in 2000. At CEDIA Expo 2001, MAS introduced the industry's first hard -drive based DVD server. This year, MAS continues its tradition of innovation with the introduction of eSommelier.

"The home integration market is ripe for new innovations," said Ben Rosner, president of Media Access Solutions. "There are so many audio, video and lighting products available. But integrators are eager to increase their scope by branching out into new areas of the home. Most upscale homes contain wine cellars, and the homeowners are often personally involved with their collections. So this is a natural path for integration."

eSommelier is a specialized computer that resides in the wine cellar. When a new wine arrives, the user enters the information from the wine label using simple menus on its touchpanel interface. Once the wines are entered into the system, they can be easily searched for by country, region, variety, winery, or vintage. The system comes preloaded with over 20,000 popular wines. This increases the ease in which new wines are entered by reducing the need to manually type in new information.

eSommelier is fully compatible with AMX and Crestron control systems. In 2003, MAS was purchased by AMX, which gave MAS the right to retain its name and develop new products, such as eSommelier. AMX continues to develop and manufacture technology purchased from MAS through its MAX™ line of audio and video content servers. These will be on display in the AMX booth #245.

According to Rosner, "The development of AMX and Crestron software modules is the key to our position as an integration product. From any touchpanel in the house the homeowner can peruse his or her collection and select the perfect wine to accompany a meal."

"eSommelier's Crestron software module was developed through a special partnership with ControlWorks Consulting. According to Jim Felderman, President of ControlWorks, "eSommelier represents what is surely to be the most unique application for a totally new product category here at CEDIA Expo. For years we`ve been developing software to control just about everything in the home. Now, thanks to MAS and the eSommelier product, we can now give the home owner complete control of his wine cellar inventory from any Crestron touchpanel in the home". As a member of Crestron's CAIP program ControlWorks Consulting develops software for Crestron dealers and manufacturers throughout the world. They can be found in Booth #1762.

eSommelier is completely self -contained and requires virtually no set -up time. "You just take it out of the box, plug in the power cord and its up and running," says Rosner. The unit is designed to sit on a table -top and includes a pivoting screen for optimal viewing angle. A wall -mount bracket is also available. The dimensions are 18 in. wide x 10.8 in. deep x 15.92 in. high.

Ethernet and RS -232 ports are included for connection to home networks and control systems. By connecting eSommelier to a home network, the wine collection can be accessed from any PC in the home by browsing a specific URL. When configured properly the collection can be accessed from any PC in the world via the Internet.

The hardware platform is based on an Intel Pentium III processor with 512 MB of RAM. The touchpanel screen is a 15" flat panel active matrix LCD TFT resistive touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 768. The software platform utilizes version 2.4.20 of the Linux operating system. An internal compact flash card is included to provide a backup of the user's wine collection in the event of a hard -drive failure. eSommelier comes with a 1 -year warranty.

Future enhancements for eSommelier include a bar -code scanner, for faster entry of wines into the system. Also planned is a Cigar Module, allowing cigar aficionados to catalog the contents of their humidor as well.

eSommelier is currently available and has a suggested retail price of $8,000. Additional information may be found at

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