FPM611 -01(Fingerprint Module)

FPM611-01 (fingerprint module) With compact design and simple operation, Siedle offers fingerprint based access control for residential and small commercial applications.

Fingerprint recognition with an external controller

Siedle -Fingerprint with extended functionality
Siedle is extending its Fingerprint recognition system by adding a separate controller and additional functions. The central controller links up to eight fingerprint readers. Data for a maximum of 100 users is entered only once and is managed centrally.
The actual fingerprint reader is the same as the one used in the stand -alone system. It can be integrated seamlessly in all Siedle Vario and Steel door communication systems. Its thermal line reader, the eye of the system so to speak, registers the tip of the finger placed on it. The main difference between the stand -alone and the controller version is the network and inter -device synchronization functionality. With the stand -alone version, all the processing and storage systems are located in the same unit as the reader. This makes it ideal for homes and residential blocks, small companies or individual rooms requiring particular protection. In the controller version, additional intelligence is based in a separate device which is responsible for linking and managing up to eight terminal devices.
This gives Siedle -Fingerprint additional capabilities for more sophisticated tasks. Thus, the external controller manages and processes the data of all the fingerprint readers, making it suitable for buildings with multiple entries or different access profiles. For example, it is possible to make access via the main entry available to everyone but to limit access to the archive or the server room to certain users. In connection with an external clock system, it is also possible to restrict access rights to specific times. If several fingerprints are registered per person, the controller can assign them to different functions, e.g. the pointer finger opens the door, the thumb switches the light on and the middle finger sets off a silent alarm.
As the controller manages all reading units connected to the system, fingers only need to be read only once and allocations programmed only once. These two functions are handled using a special program on a PC linked to the system.
With the controller version, Siedle offers two biometrical control systems for different applications. What the two systems have in common is the fact that they are integrated in the door system, avoiding multiple installations at the entry. One particular feature is the update capabilities. As each fingerprint reader is prepared for use with the controller, the system can be extended at any time. The only additional work required is the wiring, which has no impact on the exterior.
Siedle has also enhanced the stand -alone version. The new models available for Light + Building handle a maximum of 100 (previously only 20) users, which can be divided into up to five groups. As before, the stand -alone version does not require any additional equipment and can be programmed without the need for a PC.

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