Oregan Networks releases Arabic version of TV browser for Digital TV, IPTV STBs and Network Media Pl

The Oregan Media Browser(TM) for TV Internet and home media streaming now includes bi-directional text display and input for Arabic and Hebrew languages. The `Walled Garden` version of the browser has been deployed on the Sony Playstation 2...

Oregan TV browser with Arabic text encoding and bi -directional input set to drive Middle East and North African consumer electronics market on the digital home convergence path.

London, United Kingdom, August 13, 2004 - The unrivalled specifications of Oregan Media Browser(TM) are now extended to include bi -directional text display and input, essential for Arabic and Hebrew languages, which further enhances its set of latest web browsing formats and technologies optimised for television.

The `Walled Garden` and Open Access versions of Oregan`s browser have been successfully deployed on the market -leading gaming console Sony Playstation 2, as well as digital terrestrial STBs, designed and customised for the MENA market by the leading STB solutions provider Access Digital Devices Ltd (ADDL).

Jean -Luc Droitcourt, Oregan Networks VP of Business Development said, `Oregan is proud to mark yet another feature release that essentially makes our solution truly global, building on an already comprehensive list of supported languages including: Western and Eastern European, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai. Oregan`s TV web browser does not limit the user browsing experience either from the localisation or user interface interactivity perspectives, despite its economical embedded footprint.`

He added, `The important attribute of Oregan`s solution is its commercial orientation. The emerging Information Communication Technology (ICT) market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) displays clear signs of growth, fostered by major IT and Consumer Electronics players, such as Sony, Intel, HP, Dell and AMD.`

`Various research sources suggest that the `Arabic Internet` population will reach up to 30 million users by 2005. Oregan`s mission is to accommodate the business opportunities presented by this market.`

The key enabling technologies underlying the global nature of Oregan`s browser is its implementation of the Unicode Worldwide Character Standard for web interface character coding, as well as bi -directional text input and font rendering engine. The long term advantage of Oregan`s unified TV User Interface and Web Browser is its adherence to W3C standards for web authoring, such as HTML 4.01, JavaScript 1.5, CSS, SSL 3.0, and Macromedia Flash compliancy.

Anthony S Walton, Access Devices Digital`s CEO commented, `Access Devices has successfully launched a number of products incorporating the Oregan Media Browser. Oregan gives us a unique, bi -directional browser technology that allows us to target Arabic markets with exceptional products.`

MENA`s regional macroeconomics determine the prevalence of television as the information and entertainment medium. The launch of Oregan`s Arabic browser is an important milestone towards new media proliferation in this market, previously restricted by the fact that western content is more difficult to regulate. Oregan -connected devices are now capable of performing web searches using Arabic text, facilitating online t -commerce transactions and email services.

As the next step, Oregan will continue working with existing and new customers towards supplying the MENA market with Oregan`s complete set of integrated convergent streaming media modules. In addition to TV web browsing, Oregan enables user interface technologies for CE devices in conjunction with IP media streaming on VOD / IPTV client devices, Digital Media Adaptors and Networked DVD players.

As an active member and promoter of the Digital Home industry forums and associations, Oregan Networks dedicates its endeavours to proliferation of interoperable Consumer Electronics devices, conformant with Intel(R) Networked Media Product Requirements and Digital Living Network Alliance guidelines.

About Oregan Networks Ltd.

Oregan Networks is a leading provider of embedded end -to -end digital home entertainment software for Consumer Electronics devices. Oregan Media Browser(TM) comprises a fully -specified TV browser and user interface engine for CE devices, digital media streaming client and server technologies, and interoperable home networking solutions.

Oregan is a privately owned company, with headquarters in London (UK)
and branch offices in USA, France, Japan and Taiwan. Since
incorporation in 1997, the company has experienced steady growth and profitability, positioning itself to capitalise on the rapid expansion of the digital entertainment market.

Oregan participates in the UPnP Forum, Digital Living Network Alliance and Intel Developer Network for the Digital Home, to ensure compliance with rigorous quality and consumer device interoperability standards.

More information about Oregan Networks is available at www.oregan.net

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