M.D. Manufacturing Introduces Industry's First Series of Central Vacuum Training DVDs

Innovative, Viewer-Friendly Educational Modules Show Installers How They Can Broaden Their Businesses and Enhance Profitability



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M.D. Manufacturing Introduces Industry's First Series of Central Vacuum Training DVDs

Innovative, Viewer -Friendly Educational Modules Show Installers How They Can Broaden Their Businesses and Enhance Profitability

CEDIA EXPO, Indianapolis, Sept. 10, 2004 - M.D. Manufacturing, Inc., an award -winning specialist in the design and manufacture of high -performance whole -house central vacuum systems, introduces the industry's first -ever Central Vacuum DVD Training Modules at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2004, beginning today in Indianapolis.

The Central Vacuum DVD Training Modules encompass a comprehensive series of programs covering all aspects of central vacuums, from technology and products to marketing and maintenance. They're designed to introduce professional installers to the capabilities and potential of today's advanced central vacuum systems, and provide an essential guide to their sale, installation and service.

"Our new DVD series can broaden the horizon of many Audio/Video and Custom Installation companies," said Grant Olewiler, M.D. Manufacturing General Manager. "While central vacuums are a small part of the AV/Custom Install market, they can be vital to firms seeking to present complete packages to their clients.

"High -end installers that do not include high -quality central vacuum products in bids calling for them may not realize they've only short -changed themselves and their clients," continued Mr. Olewiler. "Our DVD Modules show why by providing a remarkably thorough yet concise program for selling, designing, installing and servicing central vacuums so that this element of an installation is well handled, and can significantly increase clients' satisfaction."

"The DVD Training Modules can help fine -tune a company's bottom line by as much as 25 percent, and is applicable to all the products and services the company might offer," added Mike Kretsinger, M.D.'s Vice President for Business Development."

The series begins with the General Basics Module, which describes basic industry terms and concepts, such as water lift, CFM as a measure of air flow, and Air Watts; and expands into a discussion of motor styles, filtration designs, friction loss, and performance curves.

The Sales Module walks a salesperson through more than 50 marketing concepts, including the essentials of presenting a successful central vacuuming demonstration. It also focuses on techniques for selling such relatively costly central vacuum components as power brushes, and on the techniques needed to properly run a trade show.

The Installation Techniques Module guides installers through the design and layout of central vacuum systems, paying close attention to existing home installations. The DVD also presents over 40 scenarios, and several unique methods, showing how to conceal pipes inside walls.

The Service Module is an invaluable tool to help technicians, especially novices, quickly identify central vacuum problems, then apply the best, most efficient solutions.

An additional module describes the numerous advantages of M.D.'s AirForce® Central Vacuum system, which uses a UPB power line carrier to transmit signals so that installers do not have to run low -voltage wire. This unique feature incorporates exclusively licensed Power3 Technology that, for the first time, electronically integrates a central vacuum into home automation systems. As a result, the AirForce can be equipped with features never before available on central vacuums - including automatic turn -off when a phone or doorbell rings, or an alarm goes off. Users need never again miss an important phone call or alert while vacuuming.

Additional titles, including Customer Focus and Targeting Business Waste, complete the DVD Training package by providing ways to operate businesses better, faster and more economically, while dazzling clients.

The Central Vacuum DVD Training Modules are available exclusively to M.D. Manufacturing dealers representing the company's Silent Master, Modern Day, and AirForce products. They can be seen with other outstanding M.D. Manufacturing products in Booth 508, Indiana Convention Center, during CEDIA EXPO.

About M.D. Manufacturing

Based in Bakersfield, California, M.D. Manufacturing has long been acclaimed for the quality, performance, and engineering design of its central vacuum cleaning systems. Family -owned and operated since its founding by Charles Emdy in 1961, the company has created an array of central vacuum systems and accessories designed to serve the needs of custom installation professionals as well as residential and commercial customers.

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For further information about M.D. Manufacturing, including the health benefits and other aspects of its unique products, visit the most comprehensive web site in the central vacuum industry: www.centralvacuum.com, or call 1 -800 525 -2055.

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