Screen Research, makers of high-quality acoustically transparent and acoustically neutral home theater projection screens, has announced several new products

La Chapelle sur Erdre, France - July 30, 2004 - Screen Research, makers of high -quality acoustically transparent and acoustically neutral home theater projection screens, has announced several new products that are immediately available through their North American distributor, StJohn Group.

A new fixed frame - the Supreme Velour - available on all new fixed screen orders, maintains the self -tensioning properties of the previous frame and woven fabric, however the method of attaching the fabric to the frame is now much simpler.

"The old V -Grip has been replaced with a Pi -Grip that simply pushes into the back of the frame and locks the fabric into place," said John Caldwell, sales director for StJohn Group. "There are no snaps, lace and grommets, or Velcro® to pull away or stretch the fabric material. The Pi -Grip system is the most positive attachment method out there. Installers will love it!"

As its name suggests, the Supreme Velour frame is flocked with a black velvet that virtually eliminates projector overscan.

There is an additional version of the new frame - the Classic - which looks identical to the Supreme frame, but is not velour flocked. The prices of these flat black, anodized aluminum frames are approximately 15% less than the Supreme frame, and designed for the budget -conscious screen buyer.

Width of the new frame is 80mm (3.2"). MSRP on the new models starts at $2,140.

All new Supreme and Classic frame models now come in 1.78, 2.35, and 1.33 aspect ratios, starting at 70" wide viewable area and ship in wider configurations than previously available. 16:9 (1.78) aspect screens can be ordered in widths up to and including 164". 4:3 (1.33) screens can be ordered in widths up to and including 120". 2.35 aspect screens are available in widths up to and including 215". The company can accommodate custom sizes, as well.

Motorized screens are also available in wider configurations and custom sizes.

With every acoustically transparent screen on the market, there is some light that gets through the screen and can reflect off of objects behind the screen, such as speaker components, wall treatments, etc. The area behind a fixed screen can often be treated with dark, flat colors to minimize or eliminate this effect.

With motorized screens this becomes even more of a problem because the screen is typically mounted in front of room treatments like mantles, bookcases, artwork, or - as is becoming more and more popular - a plasma or LCD monitor and on -wall speakers.

Screen Research is the only screen projection company that offers a THX -certified, black backing option with every fixed and motorized screen. With the fixed screens, the installer simply adds the acoustically transparent black backing material into a channel in the fixed frame (see diagram above). On the motorized screens two sheets of acoustically transparent material deploy when the screen is activated. One is the white screen. The other is the black backing material. Each has it's own batten.

MSRP on the new models with black backing option starts at $2,530.

Screen Research is a company made up of scientists and business professionals with years of experience in technology and A/V design. Its main goal is to provide solutions to unresolved technical problems in the projection video screen market.

ClearPix™2 screens have achieved THX Ultra certification and have been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF).

Screen Research will be located in the StJohn Group booth #69 at the CEDIA Expo - Indianapolis, IN, September 10 - 12, 2004.

StJohn Group is a distribution and marketing company specializing in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market. StJohn Group is the exclusive distributor and marketer for Screen Research in North America and the Caribbean.

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