Linn's new high-performance multi-channel AV system controller, KINOS, is now shipping.

Linn's new high -performance multi -channel AV system controller, KINOS, is now shipping. The compact and comprehensive KINOS is a winning combination of stunning value and performance, making it the ideal choice for any enthusiast seeking a genuine high -fidelity AV system.

Using proven technology, KINOS provides reliable and comprehensive control of a home theatre system whilst maintaining absolute performance integrity for the source products connected.

With a comprehensive collection of quality decoding algorithms, audio and video sources can be enjoyed through loudspeakers or headphones in stereo or multi -channel audio. KINOS supports a range of multi -channel audio configurations including 5.1 and 7.1. Proprietary Linn algorithms are also offered, as are a number of downmix options and adjustable Lip Sync audio delay control through the Linn handset.

Configuration of the KINOS is made simple by a variety of useful tools which assist with setup and control. A Linn -designed user interface, first introduced in KISTO, enables intuitive operation and permits storage of customisable user or system profiles. A multi -lingual 'Help' utility can be accessed for guidance at every stage of the product set -up. A keyboard can also be connected via the concealed front panel for convenient product set -up and fast text entry when naming sources, etc. Also incorporated in the concealed front panel of the KINOS are audio and video input sockets for fast direct connection of games consoles, camcorders, etc. as well as the headphone socket.

Using the integrated multi -room capability, KINOS can be expanded further to distribute great sound to up to four rooms throughout the home. Alternatively KINOS can be incorporated into a Linn KNEKT or third -party multi -room audio system, where plasma lifts; screens, lighting, curtains, or other home automation products can be controlled using four independent 12V triggers.

KINOS has been designed to complement and augment Linn's UNIDISK range of high -performance universal disc playing source components. Connecting the RS232 ports on both the KINOS and the UNIDISK players enables automatic selection of the most appropriate decoding solution for the disc being played for straightforward access to the highest quality music and or movie experience.

KINOS is available in two variants; the KINOS and KINOS+DSP. Both products offer identical high quality performance and functionality, with the exception of the number of record paths included. KINOS includes one DSP for independent recording or distribution of a single analogue source or the digital source currently being listened to at any one time. For analogue to digital recording, the enhanced KINOS+DSP is required as it has a second DSP and an Analogue to Digital Converter. Independent recording or distribution of any analogue or digital source regardless of what is being listened to in the main room is also possible with this product. For example, a DVD can be watched in the main room whilst recording or distributing a video soundtrack from a satellite decoder in another room.

An upgrade module (the LINN REKORD) is also available and can be fitted to the KINOS System Controller to provide the additional DSP functionality of the KINOS+DSP.

Linn Specialist Retailers world -wide are currently scheduling demonstrations of the stunning new KINOS. To arrange a demonstration contact Linn on 0500 888 909 (from the UK) or +44 (0) 141 307 7777 (from all other countries).

Linn Specialist Retailers world -wide are currently scheduling demonstrations of the stunning new KINOS. To arrange a demonstration contact Linn on 0500 888 909 (from the UK) or +44 (0) 141 307 7777 (from all other countries).

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