D-Tools is proud to announce that one of its software users, ADVEnt, LLC, will appear on a new PBS television series addressing the costs associated with poor home construction. ADVEnt used D-Tools software to complete the project.

Concord, CA August 2004 - D -Tools, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for audio/video and control system design, installation, job costing, project management, and billing, is proud to announce that one of the company's users, ADVEnt, LLC, will appear on a new television series aimed at addressing the environmental, social, health -related, and financial costs associated with poor home construction. ADVEnt was selected as the exclusive low -voltage technology integrator for the program.

Scheduled to air this summer on PBS, Energy Wise Healthy Home (EWHH), a 26 -part series, will follow the construction of a home on a step -by -step basis. This isn't just another residential construction show, however: this house will feature some of the most sophisticated technology and energy -related solutions available today. ADVEnt will provide video systems, wired and wireless data networking, audio distribution (including media servers), multiple home theater systems, home automation (including lighting, security, and HVAC), and a central vacuum system. The company is using D -Tools Si software to manage the entire project from start to finish.

"The EWHH team came to us and said, 'you have the industry understanding of the products and how to make it all work," explains Michael Pecot, ADVEnt's vice president of sales and marketing. "After we decided that we were going to take this on, we opened up D -Tools and immediately imported the CAD files."

With only CAD drawings and the EWHH producers' vision in hand, ADVEnt was challenged to design a system that would integrate products from Honeywell, LiteTouch, Russound, Dual, OEM, Dirt Devil, Dwin, and many others.

Without the luxury of conducting an initial walk -through, ADVEnt was able to design the systems for the whole house. "We had selected all of our products and, within the D -Tools system, designed how every single wire and component was going to be integrated," says Pecot. "We built the entire package offsite. Upon arriving, our team was able to begin our rough -in, because we knew what we needed [beforehand.] We had the entire project organized, phase -by -phase, and we were able to do it using D -Tools."

During taping, the ADVEnt team was questioned on camera about their project design and management processes. "We explained that we use D -Tools to do this because we can take a project that has to integrate a variety of products and manage every stage, from beginning to end," says Pecot. "After we walk through a house and the client tells us what they want, we can plug it all into D -Tools - every foot of wire, every connector, and every component is managed in this single system."

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