Compex WPE54G breaks platform boundaries as universal wireless connectivity solution

Compex 802.11g Internet gateway, WPE54G, functions seamlessly with both Mac and PC stations while in one of its many capable functions, Wireless Ethernet Adapter mode

Compex, an innovative networking hardware manufacturer, has introduced an 802.11g, full -featured connectivity solution to the small office/home office (SOHO) market. The Compex WPE54G Internet gateway comes with five versatile modes. Small/medium businesses (SMB) and SOHO users will most appreciate the WPE54G Wireless Ethernet Adapter mode. The WPE54G, used in Wireless Ethernet Adapter mode, makes traditional wired network devices easier to deploy, allowing users to increase the flexibility of their network by enabling Ethernet ready devices such as Mac stations, PC stations, print servers and network switches to connect to networks wirelessly.

As a Wireless Ethernet Adapter, the WPE54G uses the universal protocol TCP/IP, which eliminates the need to install device drivers, thereby, throwing the issue of compatibility out the window. The WPE54G can easily be configured for any network application through its web -based interface. Compex™s user -friendly web -based configuration page eradicates the complication of loading drivers and the hassle of version updates.

Compex recognized the demand for new Apple compatible solutions and designed the cross -platform compatible WPE54G with Apple users in mind as well. As a Wireless Ethernet Adapter, the WPE54G allows Apple users to connect to a wireless router without having to install Apple™s internal Airport hardware. Not only does this solution save on money but it saves on installation time and allows old generation Macs to take advantage of wireless broadband connectivity. A development of this magnitude benefits both Apple and PC users by breaking the product barrier and supplying an option for both.

The WPE54G is a powerful and versatile Internet gateway capable of functioning in six different modes, which include Access Point Bridging, Access Point Client, Wireless Routing Client, Wireless Bridge Link as well as Wireless Ethernet Adapter. The WPE54G broad range of mode selections makes it a viable solution for countless uses in a home or business network.

Along with 64/128 -bit WEP support, the WPE54G supports enhanced security features such as the IEEE 802.1x authentication and Wi -Fi Protected Access (WPA) for users requiring enterprise -level security. Alternatively, WPA -PSK is also supported, eliminating the advanced -level configuration required for WPA -EAP.

WPE54G is also outfitted with Compex unique, wireless Pseudo Virtual LAN (PVLAN). This technology prevents the contents of a shared file, folder or drive being viewed by unauthorized users by placing individual users into their own virtual LAN.

Another key benefit to implementing WPE54G is the access point allows the expansion of a wireless network using Wireless Distribution System (WDS).

The Compex WPE54G Internet gateway is available through a large network of distributors, resellers, and retailers. The WPE54G can be purchased online through the Compex store at or e -commerce sites such as The Compex WPE54G at an ESP of $114.99 comes with a three -year warranty and free software and firmware upgrades.

COMPEX is a distinguished, market -driven leader in the networking and wireless connectivity industry. Compex designs, develops, and manufacturers integrative end -user and enterprise level products to fulfill Broadband,
Wireless LAN, Bluetooth and IRDA solution needs. Compex seeks to address and fulfill market demands with relevant and innovative solutions. Compex products are available through a large network of distributors, resellers, on/off line retailers, and catalogs. Further information on Compex products can be found at

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