Richard Railey joins advisory board at the University of Toronto

Richard Railey of Interactive Interiors to join the advisory board for the Center for Information Systems in Infrastructure & Construction (I2C) at the University of Toronto

Toronto, On ¡V Richard Railey to join the advisory board for the Center for Information Systems in Infrastructure & Construction (I2C) at the University of Toronto.

Interactive Interiors, a foreward thinking Residential Integration firm in Canada announced today that Richard Railey, the President and CEO of Interactive Interiors has been appointed to the I2C advisory board. The I2C is an industry -academia think tank that fosters breakthroughs in civil infrastructure information ecology. The purpose is to promote an effective leadership role for the construction industry.

I2C aims at creating an active industry forum to study the status of Canadian construction, exchange best practices and develop action strategies to meet the long term challenges of construction.

¡§We are working towards changes in how construction is scheduled, how lifespan of construction materials can be improved and how we can integrate these changes in today¡¦s construction environment utilizing technology. I am glad to be joining a group of individuals who will foster change¡¨, said Richard Railey.

About Interactive Interiors. Since 1998, Interactive Interiors Designs, Installs and Provides Consulting Services to Residential and Building Automation within Canada. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and Servicing Vancouver, and the Maritimes, Interactive Interiors provides: Security, Lighting, Heating & Air Conditioning Controls, Audio/Video, and Networking Integration to give the residential and commercial user a solution to their ¡§Electronic Lifestyle.¡¨ ¡§Smart Homes, Smart Builders, Smart People.„·¡¨
At Interactive Interiors, ¡§home is where the network is.¡¨ For more information on Interactive Interiors, you can visit us at You may also contact us at 416 -482 -7003 or toll -free at 1 -877 -664 -6604. The company is privately held.

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