Home Media Networks` Entertainment Software Licensed To UK HTPC Manufacturer For Use On Landmark PC

Home Media Networks Ltd, developer of network -capable home entertainment software, today announced that its ShowShifter software is the backbone of Hertfordshire -based Moore Innovations' first Home Theatre PC (HTPC), the Medio. A fusion of form and function, the Medio provides a new benchmark for quality and sophistication in the AudioVisual market.

The Moore Medio system has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding of hi -fi and home cinema enthusiasts. With its aesthetically pleasing design, it provides live and pauseable TV, digital video recording, DVD and CD playback through Home Media Network's award winning ShowShifter technology.

"For the first time home cinema fans have a product that crosses the divide, delivering stunning sound and visual display with quiet operation and high performance computing," explains said Moore Innovations founder Ed Moore. "ShowShifter was the best piece of software for our front end because of its huge bank of faithful users and its appeal to the AudioVisual market."

The Medio unit is discrete, with a minimum of lights and quiet operation meaning that its place in a living room isn't restrictive to the enjoyment of the film or television you are watching. The plug -and -play system is complete and integrated, with a minimum of configuration work required, boasting high -speed performance and large available storage space.

"We worked collaboratively with Moore Innovations to fine tune ShowShifter to be the backbone, and visual face, of the Medio system," said Home Media Network's CEO, John Croft. "The HTPC market is really taking off now in the UK, with more and more households using a highly tuned, yet unobtrusive PC as the core of their home entertainment needs."

ShowShifter allows users to watch, record and time -shift (pause) TV, play DVDs, CDs and MP3 music files all through one interface. The ability to control ShowShifter with a remote control and its unique Farview interface enables the consumer to use the product from anywhere in the room with a simple, unified interface for all home entertainment components (DVR, DVD, CD, etc. players), as with conventional home entertainment products.

Evaluation versions of English and international versions of ShowShifter can be downloaded from

About Home Media Networks Ltd
Home Media Networks Ltd is a company focused on the fast growing digital entertainment sector, producing software that runs on standard PC platforms to allow the user to watch, record and pause analogue and digital TV, play DVDs, and listen to MP3 music files. Its solution, ShowShifter, allows the user to pause a TV show to be replayed later and can be controlled remotely using a standard infrared remote control. Through unique FarView technology interaction works equally well close up or at a distance from the screen. Showshifter is a replacement for TV, VCR, DVD and CD players in a traditional household, thus introducing numerous cost savings for the consumer. Home Media Networks Ltd is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK. ShowShifter can be downloaded from

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