The Technology Provides Reality Television shows with Two-Way Interaction - For Voting and Advertisements

TUSTIN, Calif., June 30, 2004 - Evolve Solutions, Inc., creators and leading provider of universal remote controls containing free television listings and content, announced today the successful implementation of conducting two -way interaction with its customers through a sweepstakes. Powered by the Evolve Network and utilizing patented Second Screen Technology, Guide Remote users were presented with a screen on their device providing them the option to enter the sweepstakes. Once accepted, users were entered into the sweepstakes the next time they dock their Guide Remote.

"This program demonstrated the ability of the second screen technology to provide two -way interaction with current customers through a common remote control," said Frank O'Donnell, chief executive officer and a company co -founder of Evolve Solutions, Inc "We are looking to expand this offering to the reality television community by providing an additional way for viewers to vote or receive additional information regarding their favorite shows. Guide Remote users would be presented with a specific screen on their remote asking them to vote or if they wish to receive additional information. We believe this technology will provide more viewers the ability to vote without any deterrents like busy signals are undelivered text messages."

Announced last year, the Guide Remote puts an end to interrupted program viewing by allowing users to access weekly customized television program information right in the palm of their hand, to see what's on now or what's on next without missing what they are currently watching. Additionally, Guide Remotes are equipped to receive customized content like updated NASCAR information. Users download subscription free television listings and program descriptions plus customizable sports content directly to their remote control via a USB port connected to their PC.

The Guide Remote is a fully backlit universal remote control consolidating TV, VCR, DVD, cable and satellite remote controls with the convenience of personalized television listings on an LCD screen. With the hundreds of television channels available to consumers and the many choices for viewing program listings, the Guide Remote is a simple solution offering viewers of cable, satellite or broadcast television a product that can easily be customized to match viewing choices.

The first Guide Remote is available at RadioShack or through www.guideremote.com or www.racingone.com for $49.99.

About Evolve Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Evolve Solutions, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets a family of Guide Remote products as well as owns and operates the Guide Remote Network, developed especially for second screens on remote control devices. Evolve is a privately held company with a broad portfolio of intellectual property. For more information on the Guide Remote log on to www.guideremote.com.

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