New Power -over -Ethernet (PoE) TCP/IP Intercom

ii3 IP Intercom™ provides flexible 2-way communications and access control

Lake Forest, Illinois June 30, 2004 -External power supplies are no longer required for the ii3 IP Intercom Series. Digital Acoustics Corporation, developers of award winning, patented technology products has released new PoE options for their popular ii3 IP Intercom Series.

PoE enabled intercoms allow system installers the simplicity of connecting single CAT5/6 Ethernet cable to carry both power and audio to the any number of ii3 Intercom stations. This allows greater flexibility and significantly decreases installation costs. All industry standard Power -over -Ethernet (802.3af) enabled hub/switches, or compliant power injectors, are supported.

The ii3 IP Intercom Series are quick -to -install, scalable, highly configurable two -way intercom stations. The intercom delivers high quality audio over Ethernet, wireless and fiber in local or wide area networks. This system package is fully scalable to accommodate instant local and global connections. All ii3 Intercoms can be configured for point -to -point applications or serve the needs of the most demanding point -to -multipoint environments.

Using the TCP/IP network for two -way audio is simplified by Digital Acoustics' TalkMaster™ PC console software. TalkMaster provides a central command and control solution for multipoint configurations with critical support tools to manage communications and easily set up all products in the ii3 Intercom family.

"Our objective is to make digital audio available anywhere customers want it," said Chris Coffin, CEO of Digital Acoustics. "We provide intercom communications solutions that are cost effective, easy to install and simple to use."

In multipoint ii3 IP Intercom configurations, a standard PC handles all master station functions for a single intercom to hundreds of stations. TalkMaster manages the basic two -way audio, as well as advanced operations for waiting calls, storing messages, sending alerts and call transferring. Auto -detection and proprietary auto -latency management insures reliable connections and crisp, clear audio quality.

As an added feature, the ii3 Series provides direct mode communication enabling ii3 IP Intercom pairs to communicate directly without a host PC.

Typical installations include two -way audio upgrades to existing network camera stations, access control, security systems, intrusion detection systems, military command and control, checkpoint management, IT help desks, school classroom communications, remote audio relay, and more.

In a unique offering for the security industry, Digital Acoustics released the i/TalkX ™ Software Developer Kit (SDK). Designed specifically for ii3 IP Intercoms, iTalk/X provides programming language support for Microsoft ActiveX, giving OEMs and integrators the ability to incorporate audio intercom functions and GPIO logic (door latches) into their video surveillance, programmable logic controls (PLC) and access control applications.

The ii3 IP Intercom Series, designed for security and industrial communications, include OEM plug -in cards, wall panels and desktop stations.

The ii3 IP Intercoms, with PoE, are available for under $375. Visit or contact Digital Acoustics Sales at (847) 604 -9256 for more information.

About Digital Acoustics

Digital Acoustics Corporation was founded in 1991 to create and exploit developments in the converging areas of speech, data, and semiconductor technology. This objective remains the guiding focus today, as the Digital Acoustics' stable of products successfully leverage its core competencies in speech/audio and data communication.

Digital Acoustics develops creative and useful technology, with the goal of turning devices into practical products that people will use. The company focuses its efforts toward useful integrations of speech sciences for the people who need them.

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