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The 1.8" FHD-XS Compared to a Stick Drive is More Affordable per MB

The 1.8" FHD -XS Compared to a Stick Drive is More Affordable per MB

Berkeley, CA - June 28, 2004 Freecom Technologies, a leading European manufacturer of high quality, easy -to -use multimedia storage solutions, compares the storage cost effectiveness of it's external FHD -XS 1.8" USB hard drive to USB stick drives.

The trend of USB mobile memory is towards small, light and above all easy to use stick or pen drives. But, while the prices may look attractive, users do pay for the convenience. The average cost of a high speed 512MB USB 2.0 Stick Flash Drive averages at a street price of around $170.00 or .33 per MB.

The tiny Freecom FHD -XS external USB 2.0 hard drive, offers the same bus powered plug and play simplicity, plus includes Freecom's one button data sync convenience. The FHD -XS is only a bit larger at 1.8", but this drive can provide 20GB of storage in a shirt pocket for an average street price of approximately $205.00. or .01 per MB.

The FHD -XS is one of the smallest, external 1.8" hard drives with an integral USB 2.0 connection cable. This intelligent hard drive instantly adds 20 or 40 GB of memory capacity to your computer, while the Freecom SYNC function and the True Image back -up software from Acronis ensure that data is always safe and up to date.

Freecom combines the size advantages of USB Flash memory with the speed and capacity of a hard drive. The FHD -XS represents the ideal memory solution for use on the move - this remarkably small hard drive - - hardly larger than a pocket calculator - - still offers a capacity of up to 40 GB

The hard drive is equipped with an integral, rotating and extendable USB 2.0 connection cable, ensuring high -speed data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbits per second and rapid data access. The hard drive is 100% bus -powered, so no additional power is required. The simple connection of the mobile hard drive to a PC, Mac or Notebook does not require a restart or any extra configuration. With the FHD -XS even large volumes of data can be accessed on the move, such as those needed for videos, photos, presentations or MP3 music tracks. Thanks to the sleek and scratchproof aluminum housing, the FHD -XS is extremely light and durable for use on the go.

The outstanding feature of this mobile hard drive is the one -button data synchronization function. One press of the SYNC button integrated into the active indicator light and the FHD -XS automatically saves the latest version of your data. If you work frequently on different computers, you can use the Freecom SYNC software to synchronize data, e.g. between your notebook and office PC. The drive arrives with an integral USB 2.0 connection cable, Freecom SYNC software and Acronis True Image software and a 2 -year warranty.

About Freecom Technologies Inc.
Freecom Technologies is a leading manufacturer of easy -to -use multimedia storage solutions. Freecom products provide simple access to digital data and enhance the connectivity of portable digital devices. The company's products offer flexibility, connectivity and value that are unmatched by other storage manufacturers. Headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands, Freecom is dedicated to providing customers with easy -to -use, intelligent storage solutions.

Freecom has branch offices all over Europe in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain and The Netherlands as well as local offices in the United States.

The US Headquarters for Freecom Technologies Inc. are located at 2326 Fifth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. For further marketing information please contact Howard Miller (510) 548 -4849 ext. 202; or for sales information contact Dave Glassman (510) 548 -4849 ext. 205 also visit the Freecom website at

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