Text to Voice added to Voice alert feature.

www.BroadbandSentry.com announces the release of Text to Voice with it`s Voice alert feature.


oadbandSentry.com announces the release of Text to Voice with it's Voice alert feature. www.BroadbandSentry.com is a low cost Internet based home or office status systems using Web Based services. User devices can be any device that serves up a web page. The voice to text feature allows for fixed messages to be sent as voice call's. As well voice to text allows for current information from your web enabled devices to be included in the voice call. www.BroadbandSentry.com offers Email, SMS, MMS messages to be generated from alerts in any combination. Please visit www.BroadbandSentry.com for more information.

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Video Mount Products DVR-LB3

Video Mount Products DVR-LB3

The DVR-LB3 is a low profile DVR lockbox design for 19-inch equipment racks. It is 2-post or 4-post mountable with adjusting rear flanges to accommodate a variety of rack depths. The DVR-LB3 is designed for both active or passive thermal management to accommodate whatever situation is necessary. Additional specs include interior dimensions of 17.2in. W x 21in. D x 5in H, stand alone or rack mountable with a 3 RU overall height (5.25-in.), interlocking lift off lid, multiple vents with removable vent blockers, single fan included with mounting location for second fan, key locked hinged front door, and black static resistant powder coat finish.